Tube Replacement in Europe

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Tube Replacement in Europe 
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Jacob Roschy (D)
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Jacob Roschy


After the tube technology has progressed, occasionally the problem arose that older types were no longer available and therefore had to be replaced by rather modern types.


To match a modern tube in lieu of the old one, certain modifications on the radio set were necessary to secure a proper function and to avoid damage as well.


To facilitate this matching, the tube industry published special instructions. For the French speaking service people the tube data handbook "Tubes Recepteurs PHILIPS - Documentation Technique" published by Philips- France in 1950 was far common.

The chapter "tube replacement" of this document is still useful and informative even today, e. g. if somebody discovers in an old European radio set a different tube type then is shown on the tube lineup on the back cover.


It shows the modifications that probably were made, e. g. if someone wants to restore the original circuit.

In many cases these modifications were made not complete or left entirely with the result of poor performance or even causing damage.


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