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simpson: Varistor silicon

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Meyer Rochwerger
Meyer Rochwerger
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20.Apr.17 13:16

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Dear friends, I am restoring a VOM Simpson 260 series 6. 
So far everything is going ok, except for the varistor that is shorted. 
My question: where can I get a replacement for this since the parts list there are no references on the specifications of it. 
It is listed as follows: "V1 varistor silicon 1 110670"
Any help will be welcome.



Nikolaus Löwe
Nikolaus Löwe
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21.Apr.17 11:04

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The varistor seems to be a protective device for the meter. Try two standard silicon diodes (like 1N4001) in anti-parallel, that should do the trick. I presume the voltage required across the meter for a full reading is below 0.5V.

Nikolaus Löwe

Meyer Rochwerger
Meyer Rochwerger
BR  Articles: 115
Schem.: 320
Pict.: 1802
21.Apr.17 13:18

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Yes, I know that the varistor is a protective device for the microammeter, and also thought of employing two silicon diodes to replace it.

But ... I'm trying to get the varistor in order to preserve the originality of the meter.

Thank you for suggesting.


Nikolaos Lamprakis
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20.Jul.21 20:31

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Hallo. I have the same problem and im looking for  "V1 varistor silicon 1 110670" is any one find something?

Steffen Thies
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21.Jul.21 22:06

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As is to be seen in the schematic, the varistor really is not a varistor, but two antiparallel diodes. This was widely used e. g. in landline phones, being selenium rectifiers in the earlier days. But "silicon" says it all - two standard diodes will do the trick here.
If it must look original, then you can hide them in a cast from the old part. You'll find a good description if you search for "dogbone resistor" replacement or restoration.