Video: SONOLOR closing factory in Saint-Denis (France 1979)

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Video: SONOLOR closing factory in Saint-Denis (France 1979) 
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Vincent de Franco (D)
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Vincent de Franco

This reportage on the INA channel (French National Audi/Video Archive) shows a reportage dated April 20, 1979 about the termination of the employment of 445 employees of SONOLOR then owned by ITT and the transfer of the production from France to Tunesia where the salaries were much lower. 

An employee working on assembling a product of 127 parts in 7 minutes was earning a salary of 2,200 French Francs (around 330€) per months, compared to the 460 French Francs (around 70€) earned for the same work in Tunesia (source JO April 19 1979).

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