western-au: Imperial DC-3270

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western-au: Imperial DC-3270 
24.Jan.09 11:01

Aldo Andreani (I)
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Aldo Andreani

Power type and voltage Batteries: 6 V (4x1.5V)


Loudspeaker/pwr.out  8 cm, 8 ohm, 300 mW


Material: plastic


Shape: see pictures (I'll upload them later with the circuit diagram)


Dimensions: 15x9x5 cm


Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg)  400 g without batteries and leather case


Price ebay  $20-40


External source of data: Antique Radio Magazine n.85, July-August 2008, page 40 written in Italian


Circuit diagram reference: see Notes


Mentioned in:


David R. Lane & Robert A. Lane, Transistor Radios. A Collector's Encyclopedia and Price Guide, 1994

Marty and Sue Bunis, Collector's Guide to Transistor Radios, II ed., 1996



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27.Jan.09 08:08

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Aldo
This is perfectly done if you go to the model (as you did correctly) and then use the link "Suggest change". Then you are enabled to enter all what you stated here directly to the model - where it belongs to. You entered this as a new model and it is naturally well possible to bring first only some of the data (present) and then add some later.

You are a new member and we like very much that you started activity within a week - very fast!

You made also well done photos and uploaded them. Nice also to show in that photo that the same technique and case was used for other brands as SAMS document it.

Thank you very much for your activity. I'm sure you find out the many possibilities our programs allow. You now find also your collection page because of your pictures you uploaded. Martin Bösch has written a very nice text "HOWTO improve your personal radio collector's page".

You can enter the name of Konrad Birkner (or mine etc.) to Google to see how prominent you can be listed if you improve your collector's page. We both show a lot of text, a lot of models and a few private pictures (see link above right). In my example you see how one can enter links - because you may crosslink your own collection page to help your page for getting a better PageRank. This is something else than the normal link exchange because you link a certain (otehr) page to your collection page here.


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