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sintron: Wrong tubes?

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Tomasz Szczesniak
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04.Jun.18 17:53

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Most probably the tubes used here are russian6Н3П (6N3P) - triodes, not 6N3 - diodes

Georg Richter
Georg Richter
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04.Jun.18 20:20

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There are some discrepancies:

The company names their products "T.A.C." (according to the brand name), not "TAC".

Source for the data is mentioned "Schematic", but no schematic is uploaded.

For the actual 2017 model "T.A.C.-34 Dream", the Sintron website is also strange:

  • Preamplifier tubes: 4x EL34B
  • Amplifier power tubes: 2x 6E2
  • 6E2 "Magic Eye"

I will contact Sintron soon to get enlightment.

Best Regards,


Update: There is chinese double triode 6N3 listed.

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