zenith: 40A and its features

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This article refers to the model: 40A Ch= F (Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL)

zenith: 40A and its features 
05.Mar.09 18:48

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

I may publish a message about his rare Zenith 40A from a guest who likes not to be mentioned - which is respected here. His statements are as follows - but he gave also the different measures of the set:

Inside there are a variety of metal boxes that have a unique finish on them. They appear to be gold plated or painted, but have a textured finish that almost makes them look like worn leather. They are all in pristine condition. Some of them are very clean and look amazing, others are dirty but I am not sure what to use to clean them. I have not opened them all, but inside of 5 of these boxes are tubes and copper pipes wrapped in wire. On of the tubes has a Pep Boys sticker that is dated FEB 18 1936.  It was a label put on after the tube was tested there. 

There are 7 push down levers on the top right side that change the radio to preset stations. They have handwritten radio station sall letters, such as WOR printed on pieces of paper above them. Behind these levers is a large gold colored box that I have not opened.

There is a large drawer in the bottom that is about three inches deep and the entire width of the unit, I imagine it was for storing records. There are two pocket doors in front of the unit that conceal the turntable and speaker. There is one door on the top to conceal the station levers. The turntable door is missing the two little knobs that allow you to pull it out. There are several small replacement needles for the turntable arm.  There are levers in the turntable, but I have no idea what they do. 

This is a beautiful piece of furniture that accents our dining room. I even put silverware drawer inserts in the bottom drawer where we keep our formal silverware. Do you have any idea if it was hand carved?

Many thanks for this most interesting text about the fabulous Zenith 40A.

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