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zenith: (Ch= 1001); 935

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Alfred Pugliese
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31.Mar.09 22:02

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I would think the tuning indicator is a 'Tuning Eye tube'...But I don't see one listed on specs of radio. From your picture, there should be a tube turned side-ways, inside a small housing with resistor . I hope this helps...let me know.....AL

Bryce Ringwood
Bryce Ringwood
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01.Apr.09 10:16

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Al -

The mechanism(?) is housed in a small trapezoidal box with a light behind to project on to the small screen in front. The indication is in the form of a shadow that varies in widh, becoming narrow when a strong signal is received. The shadow moves when the device is tapped.

The circuit diagram shows the device in series with a resistor in the anode circuit of a 76 triode, but there is no hint of how the thing operates. I just enlarged the legend - it says "shadowgraph".

The display certainly is reminiscent of the much later EM84.

... Bryce