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USA: Radio Catalog for the radio manufacturer Waterman Products Company; Philadelphia, (PA)

Here you can view a Radio Catalog for the selected Manufacturer/Brand on ONE page - and may use «Ctrl-F» to find models, but we recommend the normal search because the sorting here is done by computer without human intervention.

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Model Year Category Tubes Pictures Forum Coll.Pr.

Amplifier Probe A-11-D 1960 ?? Misc      
Computer Pocketscope S-14-C 1960 ?? Equipment      
Direct Reading Pocketscope Hi-Ga S-17-A 1960 ?? Equipment      
Hi-Gain Pocketscope S-14-A 1960 ?? Equipment      
Janized RAKSCOPE S-12-B 1953 ?? Equipment      
Oscilloscope BC-1060-A 1949 Equipment 13 - 6SJ7 10 Bilder vorhanden 1S 1F  
Oscilloscope OS-26/USM24 1950 ?? Equipment 30 2 Bilder vorhanden      
Panelscope P1 1960 ?? Equipment      
Panelscope P100 1960 ?? Equipment      
Pocketscope S-10-A 1950 ?? Equipment 4 - 6AU6 7 Bilder vorhanden 3S    
Pocketscope S-11-A 1947 Equipment 7 - 6J6 7 Bilder vorhanden 13S    
Primer Scope Mark 1 1961 Equipment      
TV and Hi-Fi Craftscope S-16-A 1960 ?? Equipment      
Twin Pocketscope S-15-A 1950 ?? Equipment 17 - 12AU7 1 Bilder vorhanden 16S    
Wide Band Pocketscope S-14-B 1960 ?? Equipment      
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