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R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 58799) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 58800) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 58801) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1161220) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1161221) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1161222) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1161223) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1161224) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1161225) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1161244) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1430898) Receiver-C R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 58828) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 58829) Receiver-C R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 65445) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 226400) Receiver-C R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 844809) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 844811) Receiver-C R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1181190) Receiver-C
R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1181192) Receiver-C R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1430899) Receiver-C
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R-392/URR; Collins Radio (ID = 1430898) Receiver-C
Collins Radio: R-392/URR [Receiver-C] ID = 1430898 933x859
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For model R-392/URR, Collins Radio Company; Cedar Rapids (IA)
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Collins Radio Company; Cedar Rapids (IA)
Year: 1954–1962 Category: Commercial Receiver (may include amateur bands)
Valves / Tubes 25: 26A6 26A6 26C6 26C6 6AJ5 6AJ5 26A6 26A6 26A6 26A6 26A6 26A6 12AU7 12AU7 12AU7 26A6 6AJ5 6AJ5 6AJ5 26A7GT 26A6 12AU7 26A6 12AU7 26D6
Main principle Superhet, double/triple conversion
Wave bands Broadcast plus more than 2 Short Wave bands.
Power type and voltage Storage and/or dry batteries / 24-28 Volt
Loudspeaker - For headphones or amp.
Power out 0.2 W (unknown quality)
from Model: R-392/URR - Collins Radio Company; Cedar
Material Metal case
Shape Tablemodel, with any shape - general.
Dimensions (WHD) 295 x 295 x 360 mm / 11.6 x 11.6 x 14.2 inch
Notes Collins R-392/URR radio receiver: coverage 0.5 to 32 MHz in 32 bands, CW (A1)/ MCW (A2)/ AM (A3)/ FSK (F1) with a matching converter.
Triple conversion below 8 MHz (IF 9,5-18 MHz / 2-3 MHz / 455 kHz), double conversion above (IF 2-3 MHz and 455 kHz). 2 RF stages + 6 IF stages. Three selectable IF-bandwidths (8 / 4 / 2 kHz), AGC, 100 KHz crystal-calibrator. PTO-VFO. Frequency readout provided by 5 digits mechanical counter. All connections on the front panel.
Also made from other manufacturers.
Low supply tubes used, partly 26A6 has been replaced 26FZ6. Tube spares case CY-1298/URR.
Used as a part of AN/GRC-19 vehicular system, matching transmitter T-195, or also as standalone FSK radioteletype receiver system.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 23.7 kg / 52 lb 3.2 oz (52.203 lb)
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Source of data -- Original-techn. papers.
Mentioned in Shortwave Receivers - Past & Present (3rd ed.)
Literature/Schematics (1) Communications Receivers

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Collins Radio: R-392/URR
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collins: R-392/URR; Test Data Sheet
Tonino Giagnacovo

Allego il foglio di collaudo del ricevitore, con le misure di sensibilità in uV per un SINAD di 10 dB. Data: 5 giugno 1969.

Receiver Test Data Sheet (s/n 1315)


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collins: R-392/URR: Tube layout
Martin Bösch

From the original instruction book, here the tube layout informations necessary for troubleshooting this receiver:

V201 26A6 1st R-F Amplifier RF
V202 26A6 2nd R-F Amplifier RF
V203 26C6 1st Mixer RF
V204 26C6 2nd Mixer RF
V401 6AJ5 1st Crystal Oscillator CRY
V402 6AJ5 2nd Crystal Oscillator CRY
V501 26A6 1st I-F Amplifier  I-F
V502 26A6 2nd I-F Amplifier  I-F
V503 26A6 3rd I-F Amplifier  I-F
V504 26A6 4th I-F Amplifier  I-F
V505 26A6 5th I-F Amplifier  I-F
V506 26A6 6th I-F Amplifier  I-F
V601A/B 12AU7 I-F Cathode Follower / 1st R-F AGC Rectifier A-F
V602A/B 12AU7 R-F and I-F AGC Rectifier A-F
V603 12AU7 Detector / Noise Limiter A-F
V604 26A6 BFO A-F
V605 6AJ5 Squelch Control A-F
V606 6AJ5 1st A-F Amplifier A-F
V607 6AJ5 Phase Inverter A-F
V608 26A7GT 2nd A-F Amplifier A-F
V609 26A6 AGC I-F Amplifier A-F
V701 12AU7 Multivibrator CAL
V702 26A6 200 kHz Crystal Oscillator CAL
V703A/B 12AU7 Harmonic Amplifier / Distorter CAL
V801 26D6 VFO - Mixer VFO

I-F: located on IF-Subchassis
A-F: located on A-F Subchassis
VFO: located on VFO - Mixer - Subchassis
CAL: located onCalibrator - Oscillator Subchassis
CRY: located on Crystal Oscillator Subchassis
RF: located on R-F Subchassis

Collins Radio: R-392/URR
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