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Satellite Radio E1 - XM

Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 1741960) Amateur-R Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 395233) Amateur-R
Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 395232) Amateur-R Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 818462) Amateur-R
Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 818463) Amateur-R Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 818464) Amateur-R
Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 818467) Amateur-R Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 818468) Amateur-R
Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 1047126) Amateur-R Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 1270865) Amateur-R
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Satellite Radio E1 - XM; Etón Corp, Lextronix (ID = 1741960) Amateur-R
Etón Corp, Lextronix: Satellite Radio E1 - XM [Amateur-R] ID = 1741960 1200x867
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For model Satellite Radio E1 - XM, Etón Corp, Lextronix Inc (Grundig); Redwood City / Menlo Park / Palo Alto, CA
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Etón Corp, Lextronix Inc (Grundig); Redwood City / Menlo Park / Palo Alto, CA
Year: 1999 ?? Category: Amateur-Receiver (amateur bands, may include broadcast bands)
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) Semiconductors present.
schematic requested
Main principle Superhet, double/triple conversion; ZF/IF 45000/455 kHz; something special ? Please give information (notes)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave, more than 2 x SW plus FM or UHF.
Power type and voltage Dry Batteries / 4 x 1,5 / ext. 7 - 12 Volt
Loudspeaker Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil)
Power out 3 W (unknown quality)
from Model: Satellite Radio E1 - XM - Etón Corp, Lextronix Inc
Material Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin)
Shape Portable set > 8 inch (also usable without mains)
Dimensions (WHD) 333 x 180 x 58 mm / 13.1 x 7.1 x 2.3 inch

Eton E1
covers 100 kHz - 30 MHz in AM,SSB and also 76 - 90 and 87 - 108 MHz FM.
Fully microprocessor controlled double conversion receiver, 1700 memories, 500 of them alphanumeric, IF bandwidths 2,3 / 4 / 7 kHz at -6dB.

The Eton E1-XM was presented in 2005 after rumours about it's appearence over a few years before: A set with a very similar aspect has originally been presented as a prototype at Berlin Radio Fair 1995 as
Grundig Satellit 900. Grundig USA did continue the development of this set in collaboration with RL Drake Company and XM Satellite Radio.
The set was announced as the world's first radio that combines AM, FM, shortwave and XM Satellite radio reception in one ultra high-performance unit.
Be careful: XM Satellite Radio reception is only possible in the USA with the external Audiovox CNP2000H docking interface and the Audiovox CNP2000 XM antenna tuner module connected.
Be careful: the sets with serials 3067 - 5642 tend to overheat the batteries and may cause explosion damage without technical modification.
E1 sold in Europe as Lextronix E1.

Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 2.5 kg / 5 lb 8.1 oz (5.507 lb)
Price in first year of sale 700.00 $
Collectors' prices  
Source of data - - Manufacturers Literature
Mentioned in -- Original prospect or advert

Model page created by Luis Bauza-Amoros. See "Data change" for further contributors.

All listed radios etc. from Etón Corp, Lextronix Inc (Grundig); Redwood City / Menlo Park / Palo Alto, CA
Here you find 10 models, 10 with images and 0 with schematics for wireless sets etc. In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.


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Etón Corp, Lextronix: Satellite Radio E1 - XM
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eton: E1 - XM; Satellite Radio klebrige Oberfläche
Roland Müller

Liebe Sammlerkollegen, zum Eton E1 möchte ich folgende Information bereitstellen:

mein E1-XM, gekauft 2008 in USA, wurde zunehmend "klebriger", d.h. die Oberfläche der Kunststoff-Gehäuseteile wurde zunehmend klebriger und erreichte in 2015 ein Maß, dass eine normaler Betrieb nicht mehr sinnvoll war. Die Kunststoffoberflächen des Gerätes waren bereits im Neuzustand beschichtet, vermutlich mit einer Lackierung ähnlich wie bei älteren Revox Geräten (Mattlack). Eine Suche in RMorg und im deutschsprachigen Raum verlief negativ, Hinweise im englischsprachigen Raum gibt es: und, Stichwort: Sticky case problem.

Mein Reinigungsversuch war erfolgreich. Aufwand ca. 3-4 Stunden, ca. 0,2 Liter Etylalkohol 96%, Zellstofftücher, Baumwoll Trikotagenstoff Größe min. DIN A5, Wattestäbchen (ca. 50 Stück), ggf. alte Zahnbürste.

Ablauf der Reinigung: Display abkleben mit Tesafilm (kein Billigprodukt verwenden), Wattestäbchen oder bei größeren Flächen Bürste mit wenig Alkohol anfeuchten und Oberfläche abreiben, Achtung: es darf keine Flüssigkeit in das Gehäuse laufen. Abgeriebenen Belag sofort mit einem Zellstofftuch aufnehmen. Nachreiben mit einem alkoholgetränkten Trigotagenstoff  bis eine glänzende Kunststoffoberfläche übrig bleibt.

Einzelne Gehäuseteile wie z.B. die XM-Antennenabdeckung oder die Klappe für die Batterien an der Front lassen sich leicht entfernen und sind so besser zu handhaben.

Achtung: keinen Spiritus verwenden (häufig vergällt mit Methyläthylketon) das führt unweigerlich zu Spannungsrissen an den Kunststoffteilen. Isopropanol sollte auch gehen, wurde hier aber nicht ausprobiert.

Positiv: Beschriftungen bleiben erhalten

Mit freundlichem Sammlergruß

Roland Müller


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eton: Eton E1 / grundig satellit 900
Fred Overbeek
  1 seen on Ebay, item nr 231680148428, grundig satellit 900. The question is: is it real or is it fake ? What do you all think, please let me know Thank you Greetings fred


Michael Watterson

There was a USA Grundig badged version of the Etón, the Sirus XM option only worked in USA of course.

It seems merely very much overpriced.

How would it be a fake?

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eton: E1-XM (E1XM);  
Omer Suleimanagich
  1 Has anybody on the forum used this radio yet? 
Homero Darao
  2 Eu tenho e estou com prblema no ccristal liquido, gostaria de conseguir o esquema ou manual de servoço
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Luis Bauza-Amoros

Estoy ilusionado en regalarme este modelo de radio ( dicen que es el mejor enestos momentos) quiza la ultima creacion de la factoria grundig...

El problema ¿como no ? es el precio en España y Alemania esta en 600 € y sin embargo en USA esta incluido envio por la mitad.

Mi duda: La corriente electrica en USA creo recordar es de 60Hz  y en Europa 50 HZ . ¿me puede esto generar un problema o creeis que estos aparatos compensan estas diferencias?


Martin Bösch
  2 Hallo Luis,
sorry, my spanish as absolutely insufficient...
The set has been introduced around early 2006,
the design was based on a Grundig successor of the famous Satellit 700, but the Satellit 900 never saw it's light of birth.
After Grundig Germany ceased their activities, the US branch Grundig USA always reported to bring the Satellit 900 on the market, it took them a few years.
The set was redesigned, there is a rumour, Drake has been involved in the construction (some similarities to the SW-8), ans the set has been produced in India.
Because of name copyright reasons, in Europe, they couldn't use the Grundig name and changed to Eton.

The set appeared too late (after 2000), to be included in's database, it's a nice set though. Beware of early samples suffered from technical difficulties.

The set can be run - according to - from four D-cells, i.e. 6V and has no internal mains adaptor, so You would only have to buy an AC adaptor for your voltage here in Europe and You don't have to care about the 60 Hz. You can even order the whole set in Europe and will get a matching adaptor.
For further reading, You can get a receiver survey from NASWA under
Kind regards Martin
Luis Bauza-Amoros

Hola Martin : Muchas gracias. My english  is  so  bad as your spanish you say  but anyway i underestand what you told me.

Muchas Gracias Martin.


Luis Bauza-Amoros

Hola Martin : Ya tengo la eton. es una buena radio,pero no tiene la solidez de la grundig.

han tenido problemas serios con las baterias que se calentaban con riesgo de explosion,de hecho el gobierno USA a ordenado la revision de unos seriales concretos.

Parece ser que la mia no tiene problemas.


Hola Martin : Ya tengo la eton. es una buena radio,pero no tiene la solidez de la grundig.

han tenido problemas serios con las baterias que se calentaban con riesgo de explosion,de hecho el gobierno USA a ordenado la revision de unos seriales concretos.

Parece ser que la mia no tiene problemas.


Hello Martin: I already have the eton. it is a good radio, but it does not have the soundness of the grundig. they have had serious problems with the batteries that warmed up at the risk of explosion, in fact the government USA to arranged the review of a few concrete serials. It seems that mine has no problems. Greetings Luis.



Ernst Erb
  5 Querido Luis
Ahora puedes tu poner el modelo en el Radiomuseum? Usa el link "Aportar algo nuevo". Hay que leer los butones azules. Gracias.

Quando esta bien por favor dice lo aqui y podemos poner este texto al modelo.
Luis Bauza-Amoros

   Hola Ernesto : Aportado nuevo fabricante, si se aprueba,dare de alta el modelo.

Saludos luis

Georg Richter
  7 With all respect - every radio model is based on the history of a company.
Even if the company has no other history than "re-inventing the radio" (a joke?) at least the correct company name and address is required (not too much) to be put into the database.

Country: United States (to be selected of the list)
Company name and location*: etón (eton) Corporation; Palo Alto (CA)
Summary: etón Corporation, 1015 Corporation Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303

History: [extracted from, independent if it makes sense]

1986: Etón (then known as Lextronix) incorporates as the exclusive licensee of Grundig in North America. We are proud to offer televisions, radios, VCRs and more from this high-quality European brand.<br>
1989: The Satellit 650 and the Satellit 500, both portable shortwave radios, are launched to rave reviews by consumers.<br>
1990: The Traveller II, an AM/FM/shortwave radio with access to five shortwave bands, is launched. Its smaller size and alarm clock feature makes it perfect for world travelers.<br>
Early 1990s: Etón makes a strategic decision and decides to focus solely on Grundig shortwave radios. This proves to be a smart move, as Grundig by Etón now controls 65 percent of the American shortwave market.<br>
1993: The Satellit 700, another member of the popular portable Satellit line, is launched. It is still sought after by consumers today. Etón also launches the Grundig Yacht Boy 400, a small AM/FM/shortwave radio at an entry-level price point.<br>
1996: The first product of our partnership with FA Porsche, the Grundig G2000A, is launched with much acclaim.<br>
1999: We rebrand ourselves as Etón, and begin to offer a product line to complement our Grundig shortwave imports. One of our first Etón products is a curvaceous clock radio.<br>
2002: Etón’s innovative emergency radio launches. This self-powered radio operates with a few cranks of the handle, so consumers no longer need to rely on batteries or electricity for power.<br>
2005: Etón begins to form strategic partnerships with other well-respected brands. This year, we create alliances with XM satellite radio, SIRIUS satellite radio, and the American Red Cross.<br>
2006: Apple and Etón partner to create accessories for the best-selling Apple iPod. Etón combines its technological know-how and distinctive style to design accessories that complement the iPod and advance its functionality.<br>
2007: New Porsche Design by Etón products are scheduled to launch. These luxurious, meticulously-crafted radios are sure to satisfy even our most discerning customers.<br>

*) Many foreign companies are located "country-in-country" (which makes really no sense), or nowhere.

Any company is the basic headline for their models. If a company is set-up as a cripple fragment it will keep being fragmented to the eternity if nobody other take somtimes care of  - or not, as usual.

"Devil-may-care" is (in my humble opinion) the wrong attitude for participation on a work of reference.

That had to be said.

Kind Regards
Luis Bauza-Amoros

Agradezco la aportacion realizada ,sobre todo por lo constructiva, y seguro que aportara muchisimo al foro.

Tambien me gusta filosofar pero prefiero hacerlo en español.

Cordiales saludos





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ETON-E1-XM Radio/Grundig Satellit 900
Omer Suleimanagich
  1 For those that are interested in this radio, you now can download the manual that comes with the E1.




web site:
Ernst Erb
  2 Dear Omer
Tank you for this interesting information.
Sorry, but this informaition will soon be "down under" and nobody will see ist anymore.
For a certain model you should please got to the model and post from there. Please read the blue info button.

If the model is not existing here please go to "Create nwe entries" and load up the model. 

In any case we would suggest to load up at least one of the main schematic to the model. Only by this way we can have things directly and a full catalogue of models.

I'm very glad that you became active here.
Later we will delete this thread here.

Ernst Erb
  3 I have not seen a response of you, Omer ...
Omer Suleimanagich
  4 Hi Ernest,

I have entered the basic information. The only problem is that there is no entry for Eton, only Grundig.

As soon as the information is added to RMorg. , I will upload the owner's manual with schematics.

Wolfgang Bauer
  5 Hallo Omer,
please be so kind and do it by yourselfe, nobody will do it for you.

First click on the starting page "create new entries"

On the new page click "Upload new manufacturer" and fill in the form.

The company you will find there:

Best regards WB.
Omer Suleimanagich
  6 As soon as I get back to my main computer I will add the information in accordance to the protocal described.

Thank you

Etón Corp, Lextronix: Satellite Radio E1 - XM
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