Stethoscope TS-3

Feiler; Chicago

  • Year
  • 1946/1947
  • Category
  • Service- or Lab Equipment
  • ID
  • 217641

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 Technical Specifications

  • Number of Tubes
  • 4
  • Main principle
  • Audio-Amplification
  • Wave bands
  • - without
  • Power type and voltage
  • Alternating Current supply (AC) / 60 Hz; 117 Volt
  • Loudspeaker
  • Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) / Ø 5 inch = 12.7 cm
  • Material
  • Metal case
  • from
  • Model: Stethoscope TS-3 - Feiler; Chicago
  • Shape
  • Tablemodel, with any shape - general.
  • Notes
  • Model TS-3 is an a-c signal tracing Stethoscope. The 1" diameter aluminum probe contains a miniature tube in a detector-amplifier isolating circuit, while the larger case houses 3 more tubes, including a power output which drives the 5" PM speaker for audible signal tracing. An a-c voltmeter may be connected to front panel jacks which terminate VTVM and output meter circuits, while earphone jacks are also provided for extremely sensitive work. Model TS-2 is a simitarly constructed Stethoscope for portable battery operation.

    Note that the schematic is for a model TS-3A.  The differences between the TS-3 and TS-3A are unknown.

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  • Author
  • Model page created by Heiko zur Mühlen. See "Data change" for further contributors.

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