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S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 96681) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 96682) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 946368) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 946369) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 946370) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 946371) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 946372) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512057) Amateur-R S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512061) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512053) Amateur-R S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512050) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512046) Amateur-R S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512056) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512054) Amateur-R S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512058) Amateur-R
S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512055) Amateur-R S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512059) Amateur-R
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S-40A; Hallicrafters, The; (ID = 2512057) Amateur-R
Hallicrafters, The;: S-40A [Amateur-R] ID = 2512057 1181x772
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For model S-40A, Hallicrafters, The; Chicago, IL and Arlington/Grand Prairie, TX
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Hallicrafters, The; Chicago, IL and Arlington/Grand Prairie, TX
Year: 1947–1949 perfect model Category: Amateur-Receiver (amateur bands, may include broadcast bands)
Valves / Tubes 9: 6SG7 6SA7 6SK7 6SK7 6H6 6J5 6SQ7 6F6G 5Y3
Main principle Superhet with RF-stage; ZF/IF 455 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
Tuned circuits 9 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, Short Wave(s) and Police.
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 105-125 Volt
Loudspeaker Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil) / Ø 5 inch = 12.7 cm
Power out 2.5 W (unknown quality)
from Model: S-40A - Hallicrafters, The; Chicago,
Material Metal case
Shape Tablemodel, low profile (big size).
Dimensions (WHD) 18.5 x 9 x 11 inch / 470 x 229 x 279 mm

Coverage: 0.540-1.68, 1.68-5.4, 5.3-15.5, 15.5-44MHz, DC Operation by a 6Volt Storage Battery and "B" Batteries or Vibrapack. In the Sears Catalog #198, 1949 is the price $ 110.--.

Personal design by Raymond Loewy.

Included in New York's Museum of Modern Art collection.

Price in first year of sale 90.00 $
Source of data Communications Receivers
Literature/Schematics (1) Beitman Radio Diagrams, Vol. 09, 1949
Literature/Schematics (3) Sears, Roebuck Catalogs (Silvertone) (#198, Spring & Summer 1949, page 628.)
Literature/Schematics (4) Photofact Folder, Howard W. SAMS (Set 33, Date 2/48, Folder 483-10)

Model page created by Walter Wiesmüller † May 2012. See "Data change" for further contributors.

All listed radios etc. from Hallicrafters, The; Chicago, IL and Arlington/Grand Prairie, TX
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Hallicrafters, The;: S-40A
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Finding replacment capacitors on old Hallicrafters S-40A
Dave Turner

I have the part numbers for several manufacturers to replace the original "Can" capacitor on this model, but wondering where to search for the part numbers that I have available to me. 

The numbers are: Hallicrafters 45A062, Solar DY-400, Sprague El-344 & UT-8 and finally, Cornell-Dubilier UF43145C.

Seems like valuable information, but I don't have a clue how to look for these parts.  I suspect they are obsolete, but someone might have one.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Dave T.

Thomas Albrecht

Hi Dave,

I think your question probably should be posted from the model page for this receiver:  Hallicraft_s_40a .  Use the link "Add information or ask a question..." that you see at the bottom of the model page.

It's not always easy to tell which part of the forum to post a question in.  Here you've made what would appear to be a very reasonable choice (HAM radios), but since your question applies to one specific model, it's really best to post from the specific model page for that radio.

The reason for this is so others who bring up information on this radio in the future will see this forum question and the answers provided.  Sometimes that can save someone else a lot of time.

I can look up some info on this capacitor and provide some options for replacement.  If you repost from the model page, I'll put the answer there.

Thanks for your patience!  :-)



Dave Turner

Thanks Tom,  I'm still new to this forum, I'm trying to learn my way around.

I do appreciate the help.

Dave Turner

John Bartley



The multi-section capacitor you wish to replace is a three section 450vdc unit composed of the following values :

C27 - 10uf

C50 - 30uf

C51 - 10uf


While you might be able to find a replacement three section for these, you might be farther ahead to simply gut the existing can and place three seperate capacitors inside the can, bringing the leads out the bottom to a terminal strip.







Ernst Erb

Dear Dave
Thomas was right - but good answers followed - since nobody closed it here ;-)
I have now moved the thread to the model. Here it will be able to help other collectors which may have the same problem - and will therefore not vanish ...

This is a unique feature we have here and I hope members will use it as much as possible because it really enhances the model page too.

You are only a member since a few weeks and have already uploaded some pictures which also form now automatically your collection page here. This is the way to do it. I even think it is good to have a model picture like this one instaed of nothing. When you managed to restore the model (to find the right knob could be a problem) I'm sure you will put in a better picture in a large photo (of 1400 pixels hight or 933 pixel width).

This here is also an other "first picture" for a model. Such pictures can help other collectors quite a lot for knowing the exact model or how it should look like with correct knobs etc. If you can, please try to take also the plate or sticker, chassis, back view, scale etc. and if possible with the given max size. You will have to use the quality % in your picture program to get reasonable KBs under 180 KB.

Emilio Ciardiello

Dear Dave,

you can either follow the solution proposed by John or find multisection can capacitors. One source is Antique Electronic Supply, A good replacement, with respect to the capacitance and voltage ratings, is the C-EC40-20-20, that is a 40 + 20 + 20 microfarad. You should just see if it is mechanically compatible with the old one.

It is not advisable to look for an original replacement, unless you can measure the actual capacitance of each section. After 50 years of shelf life even a NOS electrolytic capacitor may be faulty.

Regards, Emilio

Dave Turner

Ernst,  Thanks for this helpful information.  I'm still trying to navigate my way thru this site.  I intend to get some better pictures by and by.  I still haven't quite figured out how to use Infranview as my photo "transfer" program.


Dave Turner

John B. and Emilio C.

Thanks guys for your help.  I thought I had responded to this earlier.   I did replace these caps, by using modern equivalents and placing them inside the old canister.  This was my first attempt at doing this kind of modification.  Took me about 8 hours altogether.  If I was getting paid by the hour I'd be rich, ha.  It looks pretty good, considering.  I had to destroy the whole bottom bakelight section in the can, but the top portion looks completely original.  I cut a piece of dark grey heavy gasket material to replace the bottom bakelight plug in the can, and drilled small holes through it to pass the connections from the caps.  I'd like to include a picture, but my camera doesn't seem to focus so well on closeups.

Thanks again for all the suggestions and advice.


Thomas Albrecht

For completeness, here is the other thread on this subject, where the questions were previously answered:

Best to ask these kinds of questions from the model page.  Now everything can be found from the model page.

Hallicrafters, The;: S-40A
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