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Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A (Ch= 768.101A)

Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299016) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299017) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299018) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299019) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299021) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299022) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299009) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299010) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299011) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 299012) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 336222) Radio Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 477100) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 25947) Radio Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 25949) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 25950) Radio Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 25951) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 25952) Radio Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 477099) Radio
Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 495759) Radio Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 505429) Radio
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Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A ; Nordmende, (ID = 336222) Radio
Nordmende,: Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A [Radio] ID = 336222 877x658
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For model Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A (Ch= 768.101A), Nordmende, Norddeutsche Mende-Rundfunk GmbH (Sterling), Bremen-Hemelingen:
Hier die Variante in grün.
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Nordmende, Norddeutsche Mende-Rundfunk GmbH (Sterling), Bremen-Hemelingen
Year: 1968/1969 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) 15: AF106 AF106 AF106 AF106 AF125 AF126 AF126 AF126 AF137 AC122 BC109 AC163 AD155 AD155 AC117
Main principle Superhet with RF-stage; ZF/IF 460/10700 kHz
Tuned circuits 7 AM circuit(s)     13 FM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave, more than 2 x SW plus FM or UHF.
Power type and voltage Line / Batteries (any type) / 110; 220 / 5 × 1,5 Volt
Loudspeaker Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) - elliptical
Power out 2 W (unknown quality)
from Model: Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A - Nordmende, Norddeutsche Mende-
Material Leather / canvas / plastic - over other material
Shape Portable set > 8 inch (also usable without mains)
Dimensions (WHD) 310 x 210 x 105 mm / 12.2 x 8.3 x 4.1 inch
Notes Dioden: 4× AA112, 2× AA118, BA111

UKW: 87,5 - 104 MHz
MW: 515 -1650 kHz
LW: 145 - 420 kHz
KW: 1500 - 3650 kHz
13-, 16-, 19-, 20-, 25-, 31-, 41-, 49-, 59-, 61-, 80-m-Band

Feldstärkeanzeige mit Instrument, Bandbreite umschaltbar, Trommel-Tuner mit 11 gespreizten KW-Bändern. Betrieb im Auto über Autohalterung 968.180.A aus 6-V- oder 12-V-Autobatterie, dann Ausgangsleistung = 4 W.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 4.3 kg / 9 lb 7.5 oz (9.471 lb)
Collectors' prices  
Source of data Handbuch VDRG 1968/1969 / Radiokatalog Band 1, Ernst Erb
Literature/Schematics (1) -- Original-techn. papers.

All listed radios etc. from Nordmende, Norddeutsche Mende-Rundfunk GmbH (Sterling), Bremen-Hemelingen
Here you find 1687 models, 1574 with images and 1211 with schematics for wireless sets etc. In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.


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Nordmende,: Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A
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Nordmende Globetraveler = Nordmende Globetrotter?
Mike Izycky

Recently I acquired a Nordmende "Globetraveler Pro" (pictured below) - which I think is a version of the Globetrotter Amateur listed here. Can anyone confirm if the name "Globetraveler" was used on 'export' versions of the Globetrotter?

Whilst examining the two similar sets I keep for spares I noticed that one was a Globetraveler 2, the other a Globetraveler 3. A glance shows that the Globetraveler 3 is much more like my Globetraveler Pro in that it has a two-way loudspeaker system (18 x 13cm + 5cm dia. HF). Was this used on any of the Globetrotters? From a cosmetic point of view the main difference is that the dial of the Globetraveler Pro is a light colour, as opposed to the dark grey of the Globetrotter TN6000/6001 (or indeed, the Globetraveler 2). Do any Globetrotters have this light coloured dial? As can be seen. the antenna is not original and seems a very difficult item to replace.














Does anyone have any more information on the Globetravelers?

Martin Bösch
  2 Hallo Mike,
thank You for Your very interesting informations.
As from my point of view, the export models of several Nordmende "Globetrotter" models seem to have been named as "Globetraveler".
I would recommend to introduce them as new models to with the informations, You have.

I do not own one of these export models or even the newer globetrotters, they derive from.
The upper of the two sets seems to be an export version of the "Globetrotter TN6000", You may have noted the difference, in the German models, the station names for European mediumwave stations are mentionned.

The set beneath has one important difference, it incorporates a "BFO" for receiving single sideband signals, this feature is found in "Globetrotter Amateur" sets, there seem to exist on older and newer version of this german set, but we noly have one of the represented with a photo, that shows a dark dial.
Of course, Your's is an export model without the MW station names mentionned on the dial plate.

I am very  interested in further informations, I also found pictures with a set similar to a "Transita" and a twin of the "Globemanager" with "Globetraveler" designations.
Hope that helps  Martin
Mike Izycky
  3 Hallo Martin,

thank you for your reply. I thought I would investigate a little more before introducing the "Globetravelers" to - something I will be doing very soon. I shall dismantle the set again and take a few (better!) photographs of the chassis and exterior and add them if/when the set is accepted.

I am a little curious about the date of my "Pro" model- I feel it is certainly later than the TN6000/6001. I have noticed there are differences on the knob used for selecting the shortwave range, for example. The scrap "Globetraveler 3" I own has the same knob and loudspeaker as my "Pro", so I assume they are of approximately the same vintage; it does not have a scale so I cannot use this to identify it. It would be interesting to check in an issue of the "Handbuch des Rundfunk- und Fernseh- Großhandels" from around 1971-73 to see if it mentions the dual loudspeaker system, for example.

Time for some more detective work...


Michael Witas

I live in the United States and have a Globetraveler II, a Globetraveler III and a Globetraveler Pro.

I think all three are technically considered as TN6000 Series radios. However, in the US, they were just called "Globetravelers" (no TN6000 anywhere on the dial glass or speaker grille).

I too noticed that the Globetraveler III has the tweeter speaker, as does the Globetraveler Pro. The Globetraveler III and Pro also have a centered dial light for the shortwave drum, which results in more even lighting than on the Globetraveler II. Other than these differences, the Globetraveler II and III appear to be mostly the same inside.

I am unsure whether for Europe, there was any visible external change to the Globetrotter TN6000 models when the Globetraveler III changes were made for the US spec radios. It may have just been considered a running change (minor).

The main difference between the Globetrotter and Globetraveler versions is that for many of the Globetravelers, the FM dial only goes up to 104MHz. In the US, the FM band extended to 108 MHz. I think that the latest Globetrotters may have gone up to 108MHz, but could be wrong.

All my Globetraveler radios have 115 or 220 Volt built-in power supplies.

To the best of my knowledge, the Globetrotter Amateur/Globetraveler Pro is still considered a TN6000 Series radio. It has the old style wrap-around wood case and metal dial bezel. The TN6001 Series radios had a cabinet that was more squared-off. I think the Globetraveler IV is the sucessor to the Globetraveler III. But I don't think they ever made a successor to the Globetravler Amateur/Pro. 

You can view the 1970 German language catalog pages for the Globetrotter Pro and Globetraveler TN6000 online. Do a google search using the words "Nordmende Katalog" and review the various results (I was unable to attach a link to the web page without receiving an error warning). I do not know if any of the TN6000 Series models were officially included as part of the 1971 or 1972 product line.

Best regards

Mike Witas



Todd Stackhouse

...'Globetravelers' were US export models based on contemporary 'Globetrotter' models between ca. 1965 and 1970.  That line more or less ended there ('Globetrotter TN6001'/770.101A in Germany and  'Globetraveler IV'/770.101E in the US), although the name did reappear in the late 70s with the 'Globetrotter 808', and I'm not sure if that model was exported.   I wrote this piece about this here about five years ago .  In short: Apparently there was a legal dispute over the Globetrotter name here in the US (I'm still looking for confirmation), so Nordmende renamed their US export models.  And even after the original Globetrotter line ended in 1970, they continued to use the name for US export models for several more years. 

...Something like this: The original Globetrotters/Globetravelers were 'x/601' models.  The redesigned Globetrotter TN6000 and TN6001, and their US-export Globetraveler variants, are all 'Typ 101' models (model numbers in the format '7xx.101y', where 'xx' represents the model year and 'y' is a letter denoting the version; German domestic versions started with A and export versions started with E.  They all say 'Typ 101' somewhere on the bottom). The Globetraveler II/768.101E and III/769.101E are both US export versions of the Globetrotter TN6000/768.101A; there was also a Globetraveler VIP.  The Globetrotter amateur/769.101B and Globetraveler Pro/769.101F also belong to this TN6000 group.  The Globetrotter TN6001/770.101A and Globetraveler IV/770.101E were the last of the original Globetrotter line.  The Globetraveler name continued to appear after this on US-export versions of 'Globemanager' (Globetraveler super), 'Transita exact' (Globetraveler exec), 'Transita stereo de luxe' (Globetraveler stereo) and some 'Galaxy mesa' models (Globetraveler 7000/9000)...

(The Globemanager/Globetraveler super, 'Typ 191'/...1.191A/E, replaced the Globetrotter series for the 1971 model year and eventually morphed into the higher end of the Galaxy mesa series.)


Michael Witas


I recently purchased a Nordmende Globetrotter TN 6001 radio (the European version) on an online site.

While doing some research, I noticed from reviewing the schematics that the closest corresponding US version, the Globetraveler IV, has a tweeter (high frequency) speaker while the Globetrotter TN 6001 apparantly does not.

It's fun to notice the little differences between standard and export versions of a product, whether it is a radio or an automobile.

Things can can get even more complicated when there are "running changes" - A product improvement or cost reduction item that occurs after the initial production run has been started. Such changes are not necessarily obvious to the end user of the product.

When I receive my radio, I will look to see if it has the tweeter speaker. It's possible this could have been a running change, but probably not.


Nordmende,: Globetrotter TN6000 Ch= 8.101A
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