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90X ; Philco, Philadelphia (ID = 245903) Radio
90X ; Philco, Philadelphia (ID = 513193) Radio
90X ; Philco, Philadelphia (ID = 513194) Radio
90X ; Philco, Philadelphia (ID = 1492855) Radio 90X ; Philco, Philadelphia (ID = 1492856) Radio
90X ; Philco, Philadelphia (ID = 1492857) Radio
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90X ; Philco, Philadelphia (ID = 1492855) Radio
Philco, Philadelphia: 90X [Radio] ID = 1492855 932x1400
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For model 90X, Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt. Co.; USA:
Cabinet refinished in original color scheme using nitrocellulose lacquer. Knobs are original. Cloth is reproduction of original pattern.
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt. Co.; USA
Year: 1932 perfect model Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 9: 35 24 35 27 27 27 47 47 80
Main principle Superhet with RF-stage; ZF/IF 260 kHz
Tuned circuits 6 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast only (MW).
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 115 Volt
Loudspeaker Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil)
Power out
from Model: 90X - Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt
Material Wooden case
Shape Console with any shape - in general

Model 90X is a late version of model 90 introduced in 1932 in a console cabinet with an inclined sounding board. Earlier versions of model 90 included cathedral, lowboy, and highboy cabinets:

Models 90 and 90A were available in a cathedral, a lowboy, and a highboy cabinet. The chassis was made in three versions - an early model 90 and 90A with two 45 output tubes in push-pull, a middle version with one 47 output tube, and a late version with two 47 output tubes. Model 90 is for 115 VAC 50-60 Hz; model 90A is for 115 VAC 25-60 Hz.

The models 90 and 90A "early" and "middle" have a 4-gang tuning condenser plus 3 tuned IF circuit - both with IF 175 (Rider's change note 8-3). The version "middle", which are above serial number 237,001, of the model 90 and 90A has tubes: 24 RF, 27 osc, 24 1st det., 24 IF, 27 2nd det. rect., 27 det. amp., 27 1st AF amp, 47 output and 80 rectifier. The "late" model 90 and 90A again have push-pull output but with 2 x 47 tubes. See Rider's Philco 3-35 for IF 260 kHz. Applied on models serial B-32001 to B-35000 and above B-53100. They have a 3-gang tuning condenser and only 6 tuned circuits. The same differences can be found for all cabinets, both 90 and 90A: Baby Grand (Cathedral), Lowboy and Highboy (with a stretcher).

The cathedral cabinet is the classic design by Edward L. Coombs, and is similar to the cathedral versions of model 21, 35, 46, and 70. [3331438-1133]


Price in first year of sale 100.00 $
Collectors' prices  
External source of data Ernst Erb
Source of data Radio Collector`s Guide 1921-1932
Circuit diagram reference Rider's Perpetual, Volume 3 = 1933 and before
Mentioned in Collector's Guide to Antique Radios 4. Edition
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