• Year
  • 1949
  • Category
  • Television- and Radio Receiver, perh. also + Rec. etc. (TV Radio)
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 138041
    • alternative name: RCA Manufacturing || Victor Talking Machine

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 Technical Specifications

  • Number of Tubes
  • 29
  • Valves / Tubes
  • Main principle
  • Superheterodyne (common)
  • Wave bands
  • Wave Bands given in the notes.
  • Power type and voltage
  • Alternating Current supply (AC) / 60 Hz, 110-120 Volt
  • Loudspeaker
  • Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil)
  • Material
  • Wooden case
  • from Radiomuseum.org
  • Model: 8TR29 Ch= KCS32, RK135 - RCA RCA Victor Co. Inc.; New
  • Shape
  • Tablemodel, with any shape - general.
  • Notes
  • The RCA 8TR29 is an AC operated 29 tube television with AM/FM radio.  Has 10" b/w TV with US FCC standard VHF tuner channels 2 thru 13. Equipped with TV chassis KCS32, KCS32A, KCS32B or KCS32C, radio chassis RK135 or RK135A, VHF tuner KRK5 and picture tube 10BP4. Cabinet was available in walnut, mahogany or toasted mahogany. The AM band frequency tuning range is 540 to 1500kHz.  The FM band frequency tuning range is 88 to 108MHz. Has phonograph input.

    The 8TR29 is a table model.  Was also available as a console model 8TK29 which used the same TV and radio chassis.


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