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RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 514806) Radio
RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 514807) Radio
RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 514808) Radio
RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 514809) Radio
RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 1285817) Radio RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 444320) Radio
RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 444321) Radio RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 1062752) Radio
RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 1076198) Radio RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 1118678) Radio
RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 1285815) Radio RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 1285816) Radio
RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 1474634) Radio
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RDU-209 ; Sonora Radio & Telev (ID = 1285817) Radio
Sonora Radio & Telev: RDU-209 [Radio] ID = 1285817 640x546
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For model RDU-209, Sonora Radio & Telev. Corp.; Chicago (IL):
American Radio Design Greg Mercurio
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Sonora Radio & Telev. Corp.; Chicago (IL)
alternative name
Sonora Electric Phono
Year: 1945/1946 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 6: 12SA7 12SK7 12SQ7 12SK7 35L6GT 35Z5GT
Main principle Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 455 kHz; 3 AF stage(s)
Wave bands Broadcast only (MW).
Power type and voltage AC/DC-set / 110 - 120 Volt
Loudspeaker Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) / Ø 4.63 inch = 11.8 cm
Power out
from Model: RDU-209 - Sonora Radio & Telev. Corp.;
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel, with any shape - general.
Notes Available in walnut or blond prima vera.
External source of data Ernst Erb
Source of data The Radio Collector's Directory and Price Guide 1921 - 1965
Circuit diagram reference Rider's Perpetual, Volume 17 = 1948 and before
Mentioned in Collector's Guide to Antique Radios 4. Edition
Literature/Schematics (1) Photofact Folder, Howard W. SAMS (Set 3 folder 463-29 date 8-46)
Literature/Schematics (2) Radio Retailing (Radio & Television R.) (October 1945 page 117. March 1946 page 127. June 1946 page 111.)
Literature/Schematics (3) Table Top Radios Vol. 1 Stein 98 (page 148.)

All listed radios etc. from Sonora Radio & Telev. Corp.; Chicago (IL)
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Sonora Radio & Telev: RDU-209
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sonora-rad: Sonora model RDU209-227
Marvin J. Glassman

I have this radio in my collection & want to give you additional information:

1. Wooden case. 2. size is 13 5/8 inches wide by 9 5/8 inches high by 7 1/2 inches deep. 3. It weighs 9 pounds. 4. The speaker is 6 inches in  diameter & is a permanet magnet type. 5.  It has 6 vacuum tubes: 35Z5, 12SA7, 12SK7, 12SQ7, 12SK7, & 35L6. There is a readable label on the rear that states the sales price of 37.65 OPA (Office of Price Administration)

all this information was taken from my set.

Marvi Glassman U S A



Ernst Erb

Dear Marvin
Thank you very much that you name us addidions to radio models. In principle it is very well done to first go to the model and then use the link to add data via forum which then also sticks to the model page. This way is taken for a repar report or for discussion, questions etc. about the set or model in general.

I hope I may explain to you the better way for bringing in data, since in a forum text it is not really fitted into the model page.

As a member you see also an other link on that link bar you used, called "Suggest change". Please click it and enter the data into the given form. After that you click GO and after a check you click another GO.

Two model admins then will revise and if OK will accept. Then your data is integrated to the model. Please never individual "data" for a given set but "only" for a general model. For instance you would not bring in the serial number (only the chassis number).

If anything is doubtful or wrong then you will get a notice from an admin - but he can only deny or accept. In worst case he denies and you propose again a better entry. You can see the processes pending by clicking "Administrators" on the Search Page (HP).

In your example you have mentioned the models parameters as necessary -  great. Can you try to add it to the model? I think you have also added information to other models via forum ...

It seems that RDU209 is "only" generic and your set is RDU209-227. If we don't know the difference(s) then we will leave it as it is. For many models we seem the only ones who are named by searching engines like Google. You might enter your collector price by using that link on the model page too. We only have listed an old one.

Sonora Radio & Telev: RDU-209
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