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527 ; Watterson Radio Mfg. (ID = 1425256) Radio 527 ; Watterson Radio Mfg. (ID = 1425553) Radio
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527 ; Watterson Radio Mfg. (ID = 1425256) Radio
Watterson Radio Mfg.: 527 [Radio] ID = 1425256 933x697
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For model 527, Watterson Radio Mfg. Co., Dallas, Texas
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Watterson Radio Mfg. Co., Dallas, Texas
Year: 1956 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 5: 12BE6 12BA6 12AT6 50C5 35W4
Main principle Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 455 kHz; 1 AF stage(s)
Wave bands Broadcast only (MW).
Power type and voltage AC/DC-set / 110 Volt
Loudspeaker Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) - elliptical / Ø 5 inch = 12.7 cm
Power out
from Model: 527 - Watterson Radio Mfg. Co.,
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel without bush buttons, Mantel/Midget/Compact up to 14
Dimensions (WHD) 12 x 5.5 x 8.5 inch / 305 x 140 x 216 mm

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Watterson Radio Mfg.: 527
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watterson: 527
Charles Ebert

I recently acquired a Watterson model 527.  It appears to be one of the last models they produced.  I believe they may have been made by the Warwick Co. and branded as Wattersons.  Either way it has a significant "motorboating" problem and I cannot seem to locate a schematic to troubleshoot with.  All the tubes (std AA5 complement) check good with my Hickok 605 and the B+ is about 120 off the electrolytics.  Any help tracking down a schematic as I do not see one under the Watterson schematic link.  Great looking radio, just want to rectify the "motorboating",  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Watterson

An HT capacitor has dried out.

Try a 16uF (8uF to 32uF) 300V across the B+ / HT  supply rail. 

Charles Ebert

    Thanks for the info.  I failed to mention that the electrolytics (multi-section 50/50 @150 volts) and all wax paper non ceramic caps  have been replaced with new ones (rated at 630 volts) and the and the 12AT6 tube shield is in place and well grounded.  Just rechecked the B+ off of the 35W4 cathode pin and it reads a steady 115VDC.  I have not checked the 50C5 tube, could an incorrect plate or grid voltage be causing my "motorboating" symptom.  Thanks again for any help.  Still looking for a schematic also.


Michael Watterson

Only bad connection to a decoupling capacitor or a high resistance decoupling capacitor causes it.

This includes any AGC capacitors to 0V. Though I only saw this once.

A bad 0V buss connection too will cause it.

It will not be caused by wrong voltages or poor inter stage coupling capacitors.

Watterson Radio Mfg.: 527
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