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Time Signal Receiver ZZE

Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282266) Military Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282674) Military
Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282675) Military Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282676) Military
Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282677) Military Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282678) Military
Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282679) Military Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282680) Military
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Time Signal Receiver ZZE; Zellweger AG; Uster (ID = 282266) Military
Zellweger AG; Uster: Time Signal Receiver ZZE [Military] ID = 282266 703x700
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For model Time Signal Receiver ZZE, Zellweger AG; Uster:
RCVR case with antenna stowed.
Country:  Switzerland
Manufacturer / Brand:  Zellweger AG; Uster
Year: 1940–1950 ?? Category: Military Equipment (not Re, Tr or RXT)
schematic requested
Main principle Superheterodyne (common)
Wave bands Short Wave (SW only)
Power type and voltage Dry Batteries
Loudspeaker - For headphones or amp.
Power out
from Model: Time Signal Receiver ZZE - Zellweger AG; Uster
Material Various materials
Notes Related items: Aditional cronometer or cronograph and hand generator.
Source of data -- Collector info (Sammler)

Model page created by Richard MC Clung. See "Data change" for further contributors.

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Zellweger AG; Uster: Time Signal Receiver ZZE
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zellweger: ZEE; Time Signal Receiver - wer hat Schaltbild -
Ernst Erb

Richard MC Clung war so nett, das offensichtlich eher seltene Gerät hochzuladen. ER hatte im Forum um Unterlagen ersucht.

Wer kann Schaltplan oder andere technische Unterlagen hochladen?
Wer kann weitere Daten liefern?
Hat jemand das Gerät?

Danke für Reaktionen.

Ernst Erb

Leider wird es wohl dauern - wenn überhaupt Unterlagen aufzutreiben sind.
Seit wenigen Jahren gibt es in der Schweiz den Verein IG Uem oder IG-Uem, der sich um historisches Übermittlungsmaterial der Schweizer Armee sammelt und von hohen Kreisen unterstützt wird. Ich habe ein befreundetes Mitglied bezüglich dem Zellweger ZZE Time Signal Receiver gefragt. Er kennt sich bei militärischen Übermittlungsgeräten sehr gut aus und meint so etwas noch nie gesehen zu haben. Die IG Uem hat wohl kein solches Gerät. Er will aber innerhalb der IG Uem herumhorchen - eine Vorstandssitzung findet nächstens statt, wo er die Frage anbringen kann. Allerdings hatten wir das Modell als ZEE eingetragen - ich lese aber auf dem Schild ZZE - und werde das ändern.

Noch etwas zur IG Uem - wie sie sich selbst darstellte - vor ca. 2 Jahren:
Die IG Uem als Verein mit 120 Einzelmitgliedern und 7 Kollektivmitgliedern aus Industrie und Verwaltung sammelt historisches Übermittlungsmaterial der Schweizer Armee und macht dieses Material an verschiedenen Anlässen einer interessierten Öffentlichkeit zugänglich. Es geht darum, diese Geräte, die den Beginn und die Entwicklung der elektronischen Kommunikation in der Armee dokumentieren, der Nachwelt zu erhalten. Zudem legen diese Geräte auch Zeugnis einer hochentwickelten Schweizerischen Telekommunikationsindustrie ab.

Die IG Uem  hat eine professionell gestaltete Website, - auf der eine etwas veränderte Frontseite des Zellweger M5 die Schaltfläche bildet - mit ganz ähnlichem Aussehen wie das ZZE

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Richard MC Clung

Dear Sirs,

I would like to inquire if anyone has available a manual, schematics or any  technical
data for the following piece of equipment:

8 - 15 MHz

The data plate on the receiver case identifies it as :


A data plate on the battery case identifies it as:


I have attached a picture of the receiver and the battery box.

It is my intent to restore this receiver for my collection of unique
and interesting radio receivers. Your kind assistance in this matter
greatly appreciated.

Yours Aye,



Richard MC Clung

I'm still looking any of the previously mentioned information on the Zellweger ZEE Time Receiver.



Ernst Erb

Dear Richard
I'm very sure that you will get good answers here but you have to "bring in" the model and post from the model page to be successful.

You just click the link "Create new entries" for that and perhaps also the blue info button there.
When accepted you can upload your pictures and pose your questions.

In case of no answer within a week please contact me and I will contact a group which is specialised in Swiss Military gear (only).

By the way: There is also a converter for a Zellweger Time Signal Receiver. The device is enclosed in a wooden housing with a hinged cover to protect the control panel when the instrument is not in use. The three plugs situated on the control panel, labelled as 'Aerial', 'Earth' and 'Output 10 mc/s', allows the instrument to be connected to other observing devices. On the right-hand side of the control panel there is a compartment for the instruments power source.

This has been taken from here.

Ernst Erb

Dear Richard
I tried to find documents about your Zellweger Time Signal Receiver. I had a closed look at your pictures and if my eyes are correct I can see something like ZZE (not ZEE) on the screen with a magnifying glass on the front picture. Can you please get that plate up as a picture to show what it is?

I contacted some officers of a club which is only dealing with old army communication gear and they told me that the would not know a ZEE - it must be very rare because nobody has seen one ...

I will get a reminder when you post here ... and will still dig into it ... will take time ... Also as a ZZE it will most probably a rare item. I think I better put this thread to the model now. I had written a text in German too to help you. Maybe we have success.


Can you upload the tubes to the model? Maybe some other information like measurements and weight? Some NOtes like the waveband?
Just go to the model, scroll further down and click the apropriate link - if necessary click the blue info buttons. No big job ;-)

Richard MC Clung

Of course you're right it is ZZE. I don't know how I screwed that one up. Must be old age creeping up on me.

I will have to go to my storage place to check on the tube types as I have put it away until I find some documentation. I have not even opened the receivers chassis to look at the circuitry. I have been waiting for some technical information before I do this so I don't damage anything by not knowing any special requirements. 

I'm in no hurry. I have had the receiver for several years now. I liked its look and its physical design. I've given up hope of finding any of the other accessories that are listed on the operating instructions inside the receivers cover.

Thank you for all your work in trying to locate any technical data.

Yours Aye,



Ernst Erb

Dear OM Rich
Since I know that I did not make an error by chnaging the name to ZZE there is no hurry at all.
When we achieve something it will be uploaded and since you used the button for asking for a schematic the system will automatically send you an eMail if somebody loads something to "technical pagers" on the model.

Cordially or Vy 73 de HB9RXQ EA8GBN (many years not QRV since RMorg "called" me ;-)


Ernst Erb
  7 Dear OM Rich

I have now found somebody who has worked with Zellweger.
The Time Signal Receiver ZZE from Zellweger is an export model for sure and has probably been built not long after WW2.

What we first should know is the measurements (inch) and the tube line up. Only then this person can question other ex members of Zellweger.

Martin Bösch

I found another trace: the Zellweger Zeitzeichenempfänger (ZZE) has been ordered by the Swiss Army in around 1954 for use of the artillery, you set seems to be an export model.

Sorry, I have not more informations about how it has been used.

Kind regards from Switzerland

Martin Boesch

Zellweger AG; Uster: Time Signal Receiver ZZE
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