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1R 1-R

1R 1-R; Zenith Radio Corp.; (ID = 912064) Radio 1R 1-R; Zenith Radio Corp.; (ID = 912065) Radio
1R 1-R; Zenith Radio Corp.; (ID = 187878) Radio 1R 1-R; Zenith Radio Corp.; (ID = 187879) Radio
1R 1-R; Zenith Radio Corp.; (ID = 342075) Radio 1R 1-R; Zenith Radio Corp.; (ID = 912066) Radio
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1R 1-R; Zenith Radio Corp.; (ID = 912064) Radio
Zenith Radio Corp.;: 1R 1-R [Radio] ID = 912064 933x537
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For model 1R 1-R, Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL
alternative name
Chicago Radio Lab
Year: 1922 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 1: UV200 or UV201 or UV201A
Main principle TRF with regeneration
Tuned circuits 1 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast (MW) and Long Wave.
Power type and voltage Storage and/or dry batteries
Loudspeaker - For headphones or amp.
Power out
from Model: 1R 1-R - Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago,
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel, slant panel.
Notes Designed by Karl Hassel, M.B.West, and Robert Kruse.
For Loud Speaker operation matching amplifiers were offered: 2M and 3M.
Price in first year of sale 75.00 $
External source of data Ernst Erb
Source of data Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's, Vol. 3
Mentioned in The Radio Collector's Directory and Price Guide 1921 - 1965
Literature/Schematics (1) Zenith Radio The Early Years 1919-1935

All listed radios etc. from Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL
Here you find 4283 models, 3902 with images and 3397 with schematics for wireless sets etc. In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.


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Zenith Radio Corp.;: 1R 1-R
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Zenith Radio USA - first radio models from Zenith
Ernst Erb

Looking at the models of radiomuseum org displays the total of 2300 models made by Zenith. To our present knowledge the radio model CRL Reg (see picture) or the radio model Zenith Long Distance, both from 1920, are the first radios made by Zenith Radio Corporation, Chicago, Illinois. I hope we soon can find a picture for the "Long Distance" model.

For 1921 we list the radio model Zenith Regenerator with a picture. But we don't know more models for 1921.

In 1922 Zenith made the models 1-M (1M), 1-R (1R) and 2-M (2M) and only for 1-M we are missing a picture. Above this text you find the link to the model 1-R because this article is written by first accessing the model page and then using the link "Add information to model or forum text".

I post this because at the moment Google lists our makers page for Zenith Radio Corp. as number one (from 312 000 hits), followed by this model 1-R. This gives us a good chance that a guest might send us some information about models we carry without pictures or schematics by using the contact form. This can be found on each page of the morethan 200 000 pages RMorg displays by clicking into the bottom link "Contacts".

A small group of members achieved the most complete radio catalogue about Zenith radios which shows at the moment 452 Zenith models with pictures from 1920 to 1937 and another 451 Zenith radios with pictures from 1938 to 1943. Well, during WW2 the civilian production stopped and was resumed in 1945. From 1944 to 1950 we list 155 Zenith radios ith pictures and from 1951 to 1960 we show 497 Zenith models with pictures. From 1961 to 1999 we count another 237 Zenith models with pictures. In other words we display 1792 Zenith models with pictures. This is 78 % of the total of 2300.Zenith models with data and ost often also schematics.

I know that the later models are not yet in the state we would like to have them and also that our goal for a full radio catalogue for the USA is not met yet. But we know that it is the most complete picture gallery plus source for schematics for the USA and some European countries.

We radio collectors should have a complete catalog to find out the designation for sets where we miss any designation - because this can best be done with a complete radio catalogue. I hope we can achieve this goal with our more than 4400 members, including about 450 from the US. Only our active collectors or radio lovers who care can achieve this. Thereis always a need for help - and we also help in the forum by answering questions on a high technical level - adapted to the ability of the one who has put the question.

I know: Our undertaking is quite challenging but we came already quite far by having also well organized programs which let us do a reference work with a lot of integrated data for a radio like tubes inclusive photos, technical papers, base connections, standard schematics for the tubes (in case there is no schematic for the radio), possible substitiutions etc. One can find radios easily with the same tube line up etc. (RMorg) is based on a certain spirit for helping each other and not just profitizing.

Have you got a Zenith radio for which we have no picture?
You are welcome to send your Zenith picture or others via the above mentioned contact form and we will gladly enter your information in your name (please tell us what to use for our courtesy remark).

I hope you can understand my "Swiss-English" ;-)
Ernest (HB9RXQ, EA8BGN)

Ernst Erb

In the article from two years ago (December 31st 2007) I mentioned that we display 2300 models for Zenith. 1792 of them showed also a picture (78 %).

Some members of (RMorg) did still quite some work for Zenith:
If you go to "Countries / Brands", then click the number 92 (big companies) and look at Zenith (the last in that list of 92), then you see that we display now
2681 models for Zenith Radio Corp.
114 pre 1930 models and 1529 post war models.
2087 models present pictures and 2045 show schematics
. Of those, 1642 contain both.

2288 are tube radios, 228 are transistor radios.
All together we show 6327 pictures and 8189 schematics for Zenith.

Clicking the name (Zenith) will bring you the company history - including over a dozen pictures and two other articles about Zenith. You can use the link there above to see the models either as a resut list ordered by name or clicking the year, ordered by year of sales. An other link presents a picture gallery with the 2087 models with pictures - 21 pages with 100 pictures. This is the way for a guest to find out the right model if he/she misses a model designation.

Some of the models show a forum article below of the page

This can be a repair story, precisions about the model or hints how to find the differences between similar models, variations, later models with the same model designation or summary of a model family like here from Hans Amberger who has done quite a lot for Zenith.

All these texts are written by using the model page for starting the article. This is also the way for calling help. You see here how a member received help for an unusual dial string. You always can click the model at the top of  the article (in red). This feature of a forum article "bound to a model" is surely unique and enables further information about a looked up model - if you scroll down the model page.

Our 6300 members live in 80 different countries

Therefore you will find quite some international cooperation - sometimes in different languages wher you might have to use Google-Translate or other automatic translators. Here 5 countries are involved - language English. A very interesting comparison in German is here.

Sometimes you can also find a link in the notes of the model like this one from Konrad Birkner about the Zenith "Trans-Oceanic" models. Konrad is the other member who has done big work for Zenith.

I think in general the unique possibility is not used much for uploading good repair stories etc. directly to the model where it is immediately found when needed.

Naturally there are boards for general articles about repair (safety tip) or restauration or about how things work like here or here or here (Regenerative Receiver and Amplifier). Here is best to use the SEARCH to get results.

Zenith Radio Corp.;: 1R 1-R
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