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History of the manufacturer  

Standard Radio Corp.; Worcester

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Name: Standard Radio Corp.; Worcester    (USA)  
Abbreviation: standard3
Products: Model types
Standard Radio Corp.; Worcester, Massachusetts - Trade name Standardyne. One radio is very seldom and special: The Standardyne Multivalve, using the US "Tripple-Triode".

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  25 Standardyne B-5 [Early Version UV Tubes] UV201A  Standardyne Model B-5 with UV tube sockets. This version has the audio transformers and... 
USA  27 Standardyne 600    
USA  27 Standardyne 950    
USA  27 Standardyne AC 100   Electric with power unit. 
USA  27 Standardyne S-27 UX201A  Has needed connections for use of power tube at 135 volts and 27 volts bias.  
USA  27 Standardyne S-600 UX201A   
USA  27 Standardyne S-950 UX201A   
USA  26/27 Standardyne Multivalve Multivalve  The radio model "Standardyne Multivalve" by Standard Radio Corporation, MA, is one of the ... 
USA  25 Standardyne B-5 [Late Version UX Tubes] UX201A   
USA  30 29    
USA  26/27 Standardyne B-6   Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  28/29 AC 29 26  One dial illuminated (primary tuning control knob).