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History of the manufacturer  

Spartan, Div. of Magnavox

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Name: Spartan, Div. of Magnavox    (USA)  
Abbreviation: spartan
Products: Model types

Spartan Division of Magnavox, not to be confused with Sparton (Sparks&Withington)!

The Spartan division of Magnavox was formed in 1956 when part of the Sparks-Withington Co. (which sold radios and televisions under the "Sparton" brand) was sold to Magnavox. Note the subtle change in spelling that occured upon transfer to Magnavox. Although the spelling changed slightly, the Spartan logo (see below) is virtually identical to the Sparton logo previously used by Sparks-Withington. Sparks-Withington also officially changed its name to "Sparton Corp." in 1956; hence the need to distinguish "Spartan" from "Sparton."

The last Spartan-branded product shown in Sams Photofacts is in 1959, and it is likely that the brand was discontinued at that time.


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  59 51-01 6CY5   
USA  59 51-04 6CY5   
USA  59 51-07 6CY5   
USA  59 51-09 6CY5   
USA  59 51-11 6CY5   
USA  57 Ch= CR-734AA 12BE6   
USA  80 Audiosound AM/FM Neon Radio   Gehäuse duchsichtig (vermutlich Acryl), alle Bauteile sichtbar, Neon-Beleuchtung im Innern... 
USA  56 Chassis CR-712   Externally powered AM - FM tuner. 
USA  57 AMP-158AA 12AX7  The Spartan Model AMP-158AA is an AC Operated Audio AMplifier with Phono Provisions. 
USA  58 AMP-143AA 12AX7  The Spartan Model AMP-143AA is an AC operated 4 tube Audio Amplifier. 
USA  58 AMP-143BA 12AX7  The Spartan Model AMP-143BA is an AC operated 4 tube Audio Amplifier. 
USA  58 AMP-143BB 12AX7  The Spartan Model AMP-143BB is an AC operated 4 tube Audio Amplifier. 


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