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John Kusching, United States of America (USA) - Radio collection

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I became interested in collecting and restoring tube radios in 2006 with the purchase of a small AA5 radio from an antique shop, wondering if I could get this old radio working again. In a few weeks I had replaced the capacitors and had the radio working. At that point I became very interested in tube radio's. I found an RCA 6-RF-9 radio in an antique store, which I paid $20.00 for. The radio was held together with string, the cabinet basically in pieces. This was my first wooden radio and was the first radio I refinished. It was also my first AM/FM radio. At the beginning I started purchasing any radio that had tubes, but after 6 months I started refining my tastes. Although my interests in various radio's has changed over the years, I lean toward early wooden radio's from the 1920's to the 1950's. Getting a radio that has been sitting in a barn for 50 years and then bringing that radio back to life is very interesting to me. I still remember getting an old RCA Radiola 18 which was in bad shape. It was my first TRF and I still remember the thrill of hearing it play for the first time after I had restored it, wondering when the last time this radio had played. I have posted pictures and details of my many restorations over at the Antique Radio Forum (ARF) and posts over at ARF motivated me to join the Radio Museum. I actually enjoy the restoration part of the hobby the most. Many of the radio's I have restored I give to relatives and friends.
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USA:  Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL
1965/66 : N731M "The Highlighter"
Ch= 7N07 2-2345 American Provincial Styling Cabinet

Zenith N731 Front View
USA:  Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL
1974 ?: RF88Y Five Band AC-Battery Portable Radio
Result: 151 to 152 from 152

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