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Clips for model Wire Recorder EWR60

Country: Great Britain (UK) Manufacturer: Kolster Brandes Ltd. (KB, K.B., ITT); Foots Cray; GB
Year: 1949? Type: Sound/Video Recorder and/or Player

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Speech English 2 min MP3  1.83 MB
Mike Edwards † 25.10.21   20.Mar.2012
Broadcasting station BBC (GB)
Record date 1958
Recording device KB EWR60
Extract from BBC Radio play "The Cliff End" taken from reel of recording wire. You will hear a change in the fidelity. There is a splice in the wire, (knot) at this point. For the part after the splice less sensitive wire was taken which shows quite a difference. Compare good sound from the clip "Music", which has been recorded with the EWR60 too.
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Music English 1 min 18 sec MP3  1.19 MB
Mike Edwards † 25.10.21   21.Mar.2012
Broadcasting station BBC (GB)
Recording device KB EWR60
Extract from recording of Radio show featuring Winifred Atwell playing "The Black and White Rag" During the recording you will hear a 100Hz hum the original recording machine or radio obviously had a problem. A new test recording was made from a modern radio using the machine in its current repaired condition and no evidence of hum existed, the recording was surprisingly good.
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Music English 1 min 35 sec MP3  1.45 MB
Mike Edwards † 25.10.21   25.Mar.2012
Broadcasting station * Musik - music*
Record date 25.Mar.2012
Recorded by Mike Edwards
Recording device KB EWR60
Modern Recording of Fleetwood Mac "Go your own way", recorded from CD to KB EWR60 wire recorder. Then played back and recorded to MP3 format using Audacity on a PC


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