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History of the manufacturer  

Daven Radio Co. ; Newark (NJ)

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Name: Daven Radio Co. ; Newark (NJ)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: daven
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Daven Radio Corporation, 170 Summit Street, Newark (NJ).
Quelle: Tyne, Saga of the vacuum tube.

Founded: 1925

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  23 360$    
USA  27 Bass Note [T]   Two dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  27 Bass Note [Kit] UX201A  Two dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  51 Signal Generator TS-497B/URR 955  Single tube (955) oscillator with revolver-type cavity. Poor frequ. stability. Frequenc... 
USA  25 Super-Amplifier Type 3-S   Resistance coupled Amplifier in a bakelite base. The price for a kit was $9.00. 
USA  27 Anti-Motorboater   To prevent motor boating of Resistance Coupled Amplifiers when used with B eliminators. 
USA  25 Special Coupling Condenser for Resistance Coupled Amplificat A    
USA  51 ME-6D/U Electronic Multimeter 5879   
USA  24 DeLuxe Amplifier    


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Radio Broadcast, Nov. 1925, page 17tbn_usa_daven.jpg
Article in Radio Engineering October 1927tbn_daven_re1027.png
Popular Radio December 1925tbn_daven_popular_radio_december_1925.jpg
QST advert September 1928tbn_daven_tv_kit_qst_928.png
QST advert July 1928tbn_daven_tv_kit_qst_july_1928.png