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History of the manufacturer  

Dario - Impex Electrical Ltd. (see also Dario France); London

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Name: Dario - Impex Electrical Ltd. (see also Dario France); London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: darioimpex
Products: Model types Tube wholesaler

Impex Electrical Ltd.
538 High Rd., Leytonstone, London E11 (1932)
47 Victoria Street, London SW1

Impex Electrical Ltd. was not a manufacturer, but a wholesaler who sold tubes bearing the Dario brand. Additionally, Impex held the rights to the name Dario (registered Trade Mark) in Great Britain.

[2] claims that such tubes were imported from N.V. Philips in the Netherlands, but in "History of the British Radio Valve to 1940" K.R. Thrower writes: "Dario-Impex (UK): Selling Philips tubes of French production". Tubes were acquired and imported from the Frech La Radiotechnique. [3]

Dario-Impex was also used in official literature to distinguish tubes from the french La Radiotechnique, who held the Dario brand in France (Dario-RT).

There are also a few Dario radios known - most likely also imports.

Founded: 1925

Impex Electrical Ltd. obtained registration of Trade Mark in classes 8 (appartus for use in wireless telephony and telegraphy) and 13 (electrical goods) for the word "Dario" under the numbers 469519 and 469520 on the 30th of April 1926. [3]

Impex commenced an infringement action against Philip Weinbaum who tried to sell Dario tubes under circumvention of Impex. Weinbaum argued that the registration of a foreign Trade Mark for goods that the registrar does not produce himself is not valid. The court upheld the validity of the registration. [3]

[1] Monopolies Commission report on the supply of valves [...], 1948
[2] Impex Electrical Ltd vs. Weinbaum, 44 R.P.C. 405, 1927

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  29 Regional Straight 3   Dario Regional Straight 3, housed in oak cabinet, complete with valves and matched spea... 
GB  28 Battery receiver SG3   Reduced price of £ 5/17/6 in ca. 1929. 
GB  70 CT-630   Radio despertador,con radio o campanilla   


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Advertisement in The Wireless World, Dec. 1st, 1933tbn_uk_dario_1933advert.jpg


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