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History of the manufacturer  

Cunningham Inc., E.T.; Harrison (NJ)

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Name: Cunningham Inc., E.T.; Harrison (NJ)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: cunningham
Products: Tube manufacturer

E.T. Cunningham, Inc., Harrison, New Jersey.

Elmer T. Cunningham registers his trademark AudioTron on March 30, 1916 but sells AudioTron tubes since August 1915 with first advertisements in November 1915. On June 15, 1920, Cunningham gets two agreements with the new RCA where he has to drop his production and gets deliveries granted by RCA for his trade name.

Founded: 1916
Production: 1915 - 1920
Elmer T. Cunningham registers his trademark AudioTron on March 30, 1916 but sells AudioTron tubes since August 1915 with first advertisements in November 1915. The AudioTron (also written as Audio Tron or Audiotron) was made in Oakland, California. In for about three months in 1916/17 Cunningham sold also these double ended tubes with two filaments under the brand Amplitron. By April 6, 1917, the dismantling and sealing of amateur equipment because of the war brought an end to this production witch again started in June 1919 (Advertisement), now using a thoriated-tungsten filament with a life of 2000 hours. In June 1920 Cunningham gets a license for his AudioTron Manufacturing Company, former called AudioTron Sales Company to sell tubes in his name made by RCA. In turn he has to stop his own patents infringing production. In December 1922 the name Audiotron drops from his adds and the business is named E.T. Cunningham Inc. In April 1931 it is "A Subsidary of Radio Corporation of America". Details see Tyne "Saga of the vacuum tube" page 160ff.

Harry V. Roome in Los Angeles, a 17 year old high school boy sold a very similar tube from January 1916 to August 1916 called Oscilaudion. In July 1916 he named the tube also ThermoTron (The Thermo Tron Company).


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1927 adtbn_us_cunningham_tubes_adv.jpg
US_Cunningham_ca1935 _Roehre CX71-A ( Triode ? ) mit Firmenlogotbn_cunninghamcx71-amitlogo.jpg
Werbung aus 1929tbn_usa_cunningham_radotubesc-32.jpg
Werbung aus 1929tbn_usa_cunninghamtubes_2.jpg
Old Advertisetbn_usa_cunningham_ad.jpg
Adv. Radio Broadcast 1925/26tbn_usa_cunningham.jpg
Radio Broadcast, Adv. 1923tbn_usa_cunningham~~1.jpg
Radio Broadcast, 1923-1924tbn_usa_cunningham~~2.jpg
Radio Broadcast 1924tbn_usa_cunningham_4.jpg
Radio Broadcast 1924/25tbn_usa_cunningham~~3.jpg
Radio Broadcast, Adv. May-Oct. 1925tbn_usa_cunningham~~4.jpg
Adv of the C-299 in Radio News july 1923tbn_usa_cunn_c299_july_1923.jpg
Advert in Radio News July 1920tbn_audiotron_rn720.png
eBay, seller ads4u, nr. 300712279857tbn_advert_cunningham_tubes.jpg

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Cunningham Inc., E.T.; Harrison (NJ)
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Röhre CX71-A von Cunningham
Armin Eppinger

Hallo und guten Tag

In meiner Sammlung befindet sich eine Röhre : CX71-A von Firma Cunningham .Die Röhre existiert  bisher im RADIOMUSEUM noch nicht , weshalb ich sie anlegen möchte.Ein Photo kann nachgereicht werden.


Armin Eppinger


Jacob Roschy

Hallo Herr Eppinger,

die Röhre wurde angelegt.

Es ist kaum denkbar, dass sie nicht zu der Serie UX171 = 71A = 71 = UX171A = CX371A passt, die alle Datengleich sind.

M. f. G.  J. R.

Cunningham Inc., E.T.; Harrison (NJ)
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