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History of the manufacturer  

Star-Ko (Starko), USA

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Name: Star-Ko (Starko), USA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: starko
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

Under Star-Ko (Starko) the catalogue of Chicago Salvage Stock Store listed some power suply models. This was around 1928.

Star-Ko was also a brand name for tubes but Tyne did not mention this brand in his "Saga of the Vacuum Tube". He only mentioned "Star" with the note: "Made by Star Radio Laboratories, New York". It could well be that later this company changed at least the brand name.

In any case: Star-Ko made adds for tubes like Y-224 "AC Screen Grid Amplifier" (for $ 1.39) and X-245 "Power Amplifier" (for $ 1.69) and claimed: "They are produced in tremendous quantities and sold on a quantity basis which accounts for their low price." This indicates clearly that Star-Ko did not produce themselves. But one can consider Star-Ko as a tube brand and a brand for power supply models for home use.

This manufacturer was suggested by Vitor Oliveira.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  28 B Power    
USA  28 B Eliminator    
USA  28 V-30-D   45 Volt Heavy Duty Battery. 
USA  28 V-30-F   Extra Heavy Duty 45 Volt "B" Battery. 


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