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Philips Australia

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Name: Philips Australia    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: philips
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Philips Consumer Products Australia;

List here also products of Philips Electrical Industries of Australia PTY. LTD.; Sydney, Australia (1947).

Production: 1931 -
Documents about this manufacturer/brand
  Philips Australia Innovals 4824 KB
Prior to 1930 Philips imported radios such as the model 2510 but they commenced local manufacture in 1931 following the increase in import tariffs. Only two models were produced and production was soon halted. It wasn't until 1934 that production restarted and Philips grew to become one of Australia's largest electronics manufacturers. They also made radios sold under the Briton, Mullard and Fleetwood brand names. Television production started in 1956 and continued until the 1980s. They also manufactured valves, television picture tubes and transistors.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  65 Amplifier 10W PA EV4438 12AX7   
AUS  80 Microphone LBH1077/01   This Is an Omni-Directional, Gooseneck Microphone. 
AUS  80 Microphone LBH1076/01   This Is a Uni-Directional Gooseneck Microphone. 
AUS  79–81 AL075   AM/FM pocket pocket portable, 5 trans., 3 diodes, telescopic aerial for FM, wrist carry st... 
AUS  78/79 P50 CD928   P50 transportable micro TV/cassette recorder/MW, SW, FM radio; 3-way power, AC/car battery... 
AUS  68 Amplifier 100W PA EV4417 12AX7  This is a 100W slave amplifier that could be driven by a mixer or a specific 2V tap on the... 
AUS  55 Speaker Portable Carry Case 1061   These cabinetes were designed to house accessories or small amplifiers inside. Each spe... 
AUS  68 Amplifier 30W PA EV4435A/EV4453 Radio Add On 6AN7  The Philips EV4453 Radio Add On was available fitted from the factory or as a kit to fit t... 
AUS  68 Amplifier 30W PA + Mixer Add On EV4435A/EV4403 12AX7  The Philips EV4435A PA Amplifier.  3 Input Mixer, Model EV4403 was available as an add on... 
AUS  68 Amplifier 30W PA EV4435A 12AX7   
AUS  60 Speaker 6 Inch Metal Box 1064   This was supplied with a Rola 6H and a 600V Line Transformer 
AUS  55 Speaker Bi-directional Metal Box For 8" Rola   This housing was usually supplied with a Rola 8M (PA version) 100V constant voltage line t... 


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From the Australian Philips 1929 bulletin.tbn_aus_philips_speaker_ad2_1929.jpg
From the Australian Philips 1929 bulletin.tbn_aus_philips_speaker_ad_1929.jpg
Philips logo dates.tbn_aus_philips_logo..jpg
Philips Australia advert from "Wireless Weekly" for 24 May, 1935 P75 showing the 1935 radio product line.tbn_aus_philips_1935wwad.jpg
Philips Jubilee 4 with details on Models, 127, 130 & 131. The Australian Women's Weekly, 5 December 1951 page 2.tbn_aus_philips_jubilee4_the_australian_women_s_weekly_5_dec_1951_page_2.jpg
Radio Trade Annual 1933tbn_philips_ad_rtaa_1933_p_158.jpg
Radio Trade Annual 1933tbn_philips_ad_rtaa_1933.png
Radio Trade Annual 1933tbn_philips_ad_rtaa_p_144.jpg