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History of the manufacturer  

Televocal Corporation; New York City, NY

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Name: Televocal Corporation; New York City, NY    (USA)  
Abbreviation: televocal
Products: Tube manufacturer

Televocal Corporation
67-A Fifth Avenue (May, 1926 Electrical Record magazine page 185)
New York City, New York

588 12th Street  (September, 1929 Radio Engineering magazine page 74)
West New York, New Jersey

This company became a part of National Union in September, 1929.
(Tyne, P.364)
The UX201A was named Televocal TC201A.

Founded: 1926
Closed: 1929

The National Union Radio Corporation was incorporated in September 1929 to acquire the assets of three radio tube manufacturers; Sonatron Tube Company; Televocal Corporation; and the Magnatron Corporation.  This merger occurred during a period in which the demand for radio tubes was extraordinary. Through much of the 1920s the demand for tubes had been primarily for use in radio sets, which by 1929 numbered over nine million due to the growth of the radio broadcast industry. Each of these sets used between three to twelve tubes. The result was that between 1927 and 1928 the number of tubes sold for use in radio sets alone grew 82.8 percent. There was also the expectation that tube sales would be furthered by their use in other electrical devices such as phonographs, talking movies, televisions, and long-distance telephones.

This manufacturer was suggested by Otmar Jung.


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