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History of the manufacturer  

Oma Radio, Praha

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Name: Oma Radio, Praha    (CS)  
Abbreviation: omaradio
Products: Model types Others

OMA Radio, Karel Charousek, Hybernska 26, Praha II. Production of radio models and kits. Tel: 217-21.

In 1937 Oma Radio aquired company Radio Faukner, including publishing journal Radiolaborator.


This manufacturer was suggested by Gabriel Toth.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CS  38 Fadet B1 6J7   
CS  38 Lido BII (B2) A214   
CS  38 Weekend L A214   
CS  34 Sinus B1 A415   
CS  35 Kolumbus 6K7G   
CS  33 S1 12A7   
CS  33 B1 S210   
CS  35 3SII (3S2)    
CS  37 Zlaty ton SIIS (S2S)    
CS  37 Zlaty ton SIIIS (S3S) AF7   
CS  40 Super Eso EK2   
CS  36 Sinus B-II (B-2) A214   


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Logo OMAtbn_oma_logo_1.jpg
Logo OMA cca 1940tbn_1992570783.jpg
CZ Reklamni odznak firmy OMA Karla Charouskatbn_231379334.jpg
Reklame OMAtbn_sc_oma_prom.jpg
Lautsprechermarke "Zlaty ton" (= Gold Klang).tbn_lautspecher_marke_oma_radio.jpg