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History of the manufacturer  

Nasta Industries Inc.; (NY & PA)

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Name: Nasta Industries Inc.; (NY & PA)    (USA)  
Power Tronic (trade mark)
Abbreviation: nasta
Products: Model types Others

Nasta Industries Inc.; 200 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY (1980).
10075 Sandmeyer Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19116,
Registered Trade Mark:
Power Tronic ("Power-Tronic" with a flash-logo between)
Registered Trade Names: Blabber, Listenaider, Hit Keys, Sound Wear, Sea 'n' Hear, Secret Sounds, Desert Brigade, Super Sax, Mega Mike, Talk 'n' Seek (and many other with no relation to electronics).
The products was manufactured in far east - China (PRC) and/or Hong-Kong).

This company had stopped marketing electronics, and is obviously inactive or finally out of business.

This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  85–89 Realistic Blabber Mouse Radio 12-908   Blabber Mouse Radio, sitting on a cheese; his mouth moves to the words or music as volume ... 
USA  86 Blabber Mouth Talking 21062   Aufdruck an der Rückseite: Caracters themselves are the intellectual property"; ... 
USA  85 MOTU He-Man AM Radio & Headset 21016   He-Man; An action figure radio out of MOTU "Masters of the Universe". 
USA  87 Blabber-Mouth peppy birthday S9012  Cassette player (forward and fast forward only) on the back with magnetic driven babbling ... 
USA  85 Power-Tronic Phonograph 00002   Power-Tronic by Nasta Phonograph 00002; 33 & 45 rpm., 45 W power consumption. ... 
USA  84 Kermit the Frog (Muppets)   Kermit the Frog (Muppets); Wrist strap, made in Hong Kong for Nasta Ind. Inc. NY. 
USA  82 GI Joe   PowerTronic GI Joe Military Look 6 transistor radio with carrying strap. Made in Hong K... 
USA  85 Power Tronic Marvel Super Heroes (Spiderman)   Power Tronic Marvel Super Heroes (unproved type 20042); Spiderman´s face pictured on ra... 
USA  83 Masters of the Universe - Take a Long   Nasta Masters of the Universe - Take a Long (He-Man & Skeletor); Earphone jack, Ma... 
USA  81 PowerTronic Solid State Model 20001   PowerTronic AM Transistor Radio made of yellow, red & blue plastic with vinyl strap. ... 
USA  90 Wonder Green Power - Je marche a la Wonder   Wonder Green Power - Je marche a la Wonder; Most probably Power Tronic by Nasta made. ... 
USA  83 Poochie   Mattel AM Novelty Transistor Radio Model 'Poochie'. 1983 Nasta Ind. Inc. NY. Ma... 


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