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History of the manufacturer  

Audiotron Sales Company; San Francisco

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Name: Audiotron Sales Company; San Francisco    (USA)  
Abbreviation: audiotron
Products: Model types

The Audiotron Sales Company was located at 315 Lick Building in San Francisco, CA. They advertised a line of loose couplers in the December 1920 Radio News Magazine.


This manufacturer was suggested by Alan Larsen.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  16 Ultra Loose Coupler 15000M   Audiotron 15000M Ultra Loose Coupler long wave receiving transformer. Covered the 2,000 to... 
USA  16 Receiving Panel No. 1A AudioTron  The Audiotron Sales Co. Receiving Panel No. 1A was a panel with filament rheostat, potenti... 
USA  19 Audiotron Vacuum Tube Panel No. 8 AudioTron  Audiotron Sales Company Audiotron Vacuum Tube Panel Number 8 
USA  17 Two Coil Amplifying Transformer   Two Coil Amplifying Transformer 10-25 times amplification 
USA  16/17 Navy Type Loose Coupler   Coupler tunes to 3,000 meters.  
USA  16 AudioTron Oscillator No. 30 AudioTron  AudioTron Oscillator Type  No. 30 Commercial Receiving Set and Oscillator... 
USA  16 AudioTron Receiving Set No. 5 AudioTron  AudioTron Receiving Set - Junior Experimenters Type  No. 5   
USA  16 AudioTron Receiving Set No. 10 AudioTron  AudioTron Receiving Set - Amateur Type  No. 10   
USA  16 AudioTron Oscillating Amplifier No. 31 AudioTron  AudioTron Oscillating Amplifier Type  No. 31 (AudioTron Oscillator Type N... 
USA  16 AudioTron Receiving Set No. 11 AudioTron  AudioTron Receiving Set - Commercial Panel Type  No. 11 
USA  16 AudioTron Receiving Set No. 12 AudioTron  AudioTron Receiving Set - 2-Bulb Panel Type  No. 12 Same as No, 11 only equipp... 
USA  16 AudioTron One Step Amplifier No. 20 AudioTron  AudioTron One Step Amplifier Commercial Type  No. 20   


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August 1916 Electrical Experimenter magazine page 282tbn_usa_audiotron_ad_aug16elecexper.jpg
December 1916, Electrical Experimenter magazine page 607tbn_usa_audiotron_de._1916_electrical_experimenter_page_607.jpg


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