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History of the manufacturer  

Motobras, Audiomótor Comercial e Industrial; Brazópolis (Brasópolis)

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Name: Motobras, Audiomótor Comercial e Industrial; Brazópolis (Brasópolis)    (BR)  
Abbreviation: motobrasau
Products: Model types

Motobras, a brand of Audiomótor Indústria e Comércio Ltda; Rua Geraldo Felix da Mota, 33 Brasópolis - MG - Brazil 37530-000

2011 active company, leader of domestic segment of portable radios.

Founded: 1993

In the 60s an important company in the car radio business was emerging in the Brazilian market and, at that time, would become the most important brand in this segment. It was Motoradio.

Recognized by the quality of its products, it became a successful brand for a decade, when the market began to demand not only a radio in cars, but radios with a built-in cassette player. This was due to the influence of Japanese products that were arriving and also by large brands that began to produce locally this type of product, such as Philips, Blaupunkt (Bosch), CCE and others. Having no way to compete, in 1970 Motoradio joined Sony do Brasil, becoming Sony-Motoradio, in practice an industrial arm of Sony.

With the end of this association in 1978 the company managed to go on, even adding citzen band equipments to its lineup, but in the early 90s, was sold to its own employees and had its corporate name changed to MOTOBRAS.

Although Motobras produces several types of equipment, portable radios are its flagship. Portable radios are still well accepted in areas far from large cities, small villages that do not have a local broadcast station and depend on shortwave bands. In large centers they are usually found as kitchen radios, although small TVs have been snapping up this space.

Motobras products are perceived as having good quality although conservative in design and features.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
BR  04 Rádio Portátil RM-P63AC   Rádio portátil de 6 faixas (OM + 5 OC) OM = 525 a 1650 kHz OC1 = 14,96 a 15,90 MHz (19m)... 
BR  04 Rádio Portátil RM-PF32   Rádio portátil de 3 faixas (FM, OM e OC) OM = 525 a 1650 kHz FM = 68,5 a 109 MHz (recebe... 
BR  04 Rádio Portátil RM-PF22   Rádio portátil de 2 faixas (FM e OM) OM = 525 a 1720 kHz FM = 86,5 a 109 MHz Alimentaçã... 
BR  04 Multiband Receiver - Alcance Mundial RM-PF74AC   Rádio portátil de 7 faixas (FM, OM e 5 OC) Recebe o som de 3 canais de TV Antena in... 
BR  04 Multiband Receiver RM-PF75AC   Rádio portátil 7 faixas sendo FM, OM, 5OC (uma das bandas é a Rádio Aparecida em OC) ... 


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