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History of the manufacturer  

Oxford (Tartak) Radio Corporation; Chicago

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Name: Oxford (Tartak) Radio Corporation; Chicago    (USA)  
Abbreviation: oxfordradi
Products: Model types

Oxford (Tartak) Radio Corporation; Chicago. The following addresses are known: - 3200, Carroll Ave; - 2035 West Pershing Rd.; - 915 West van Buren Street.

In a book/magazine by Aretas Wilbur Nolan (est June 1929), Radio Broadcast: OXFORD RADIO CORPORATION Peter Jensen, president, Jensen Radio Mfg. Co. Frank Reichman, Radio Sales Division, Oxford Radio Corp. FRANK REICHMAN, Radio Sales Division: Dynamic loud speakers will hold the front rank in loud speaker styles dur- ing 1929. The dynamic loud speaker has proven its merit and with another year of development behind it outranks, in fidelity of performance, any other design. Practically all of the leading set manufacturers are planning on using dynamic loud speakers exclusively. Dynamic speakers will be ever so much lower in price due to set manufacturers incorporating in the power pack of the set the means for supplying the field current to the speaker. This eliminates almost half of the manufacturing cost of the loud speaker proper. However, this means the speaker and the set have to be engineered and sold together. Oxford loud speakers this year will be available in every type of dynamic. This will include all d.c. models for set manufacturers. The line will also include "hum free" a.c. models in both the dry rectifier and tube types, and theatre models designed to operate on the most powerful amplifiers. All types are made in two sizes, the 9" and 11". Cabinet manufacturers, this year, are designing their cabinets as "baffle boxes" quite as much as beautiful furniture. They realize that the dynamic loud speaker is not a complete operating instrument without its "baffle" and that the cabinet is the "horn," and is an essential, vital part of the loud speaker.
From Presto-Times November 1930! Chicago's 9th annual radio show "The Oxford Chromatrope - Frank Reichmann is the designer of the Oxford Chromatrope, a radio-phonograph combination, manufactured by the Oxford Radio Corporation, 2035 West Pershing Rd. Chicago. Mr Reichmann is chief engineer and sales manager of the Oxford concern. The Oxford Chromatrope is much more than a speaker, it is a sound machine involving many other factors found necessary for perfect sound creation. The Chromatrope incorporates all of the features of Mr. Reichmann's achievment in perfecting sound reproduction and actually introduces a new era in radio reception."

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  31 Chromotrope   From Presto-Times November 1930! Chicago's 9th annual radio show "... 
USA  30 Universal Speaker Test Unit   Oxford Radio Universal Speaker Test Unit; Controls for voice coil impedance, field resi... 
USA  30/31 Chromotrope 150   From Presto-Times November 1930! Chicago's 9th annual radio show "... 
USA  32 T    
USA  29 Electrodynamic Speaker X Core   Electrodynamic speaker, Lectophone patent. 


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