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History of the manufacturer  

Wireless World; London

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Name: Wireless World; London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: wireless
Products: Model types Others

Wireless World Magazine was a British electronics journal aimed at electronics enthusiasts, RF engineering technicians, and engineers.


Started by Marconi Wireless in 1911 and has undergone various name publisher changes over the years and is still published today as Electronics World.

Over the duration of the magazine, they published many how-to-build projects for the home radio enthusiast to construct.

Some designs were used by manufacturers.

The projects from all of the below publications should be placed here as Models, hopefully from members who have built them.

Founded: 1911
Production: 1911 -

Below is a chronological history of title changes.

The Marconigraph, No.1 April 1911.

The Wireless World, Vol. 1– No. 1 (New Series), April 1913 

The Wireless World, Vol. 8 – No. 1 (New Series), April 1920

The Wireless World and Radio Review, Vol 10 – No. 1., 1 April 1922 

The Wireless World, Vol 31 – No. 1, 1 July 8, 1932

The Wireless World, Vol 46 – No. 1049, November 1939

Electronics & Wireless World, Vol 89 – No. 1573, October 1983

Electronics World Incorporating Wireless World, January 1996,

Electronics World, October 2000 

The magazine continues today under the new title of Electronics World 

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  26 Everyman's Four   Designed by W.James the Everyman's Four applied RF-Neutralisation. It is the enhanced vers... 
GB  26 Everyman's Three   Designed by W.James the Everyman's Three applied RF-Neutralisation. The following year it ... 
GB  32 Monodial AC Super   Monodial AC Super An ultra-selective superheterodyne giving high-quality reproduction. ... 
GB  34 Wireless World Quality Amplifier MH4  Wireless World Quality Amplifier Walter Cocking (1907-1984) designed the Wireless World... 
GB  47 Williamson Amplifier L63  Design for a High-Quality Amplifier. By D. T. N. Williamson (1923-1992) The Williamson... 
GB  46 Wireless World Quality Amplifiers [4-, 8- & 12-watt] MH4  Wireless World Quality Amplifiers 4-, 8- & 12-watt versions. This is the second ... 
GB  36 Hearing Aid for the deaf XD  Hearing Aid for the deaf Two Valve Amplifier Unit by T. S. Littler, M.Sc. Ph. D   ... 


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Marconigraph Apr 1911, Page 4tbn_gb_wirless_1_marconigraph_apr_1911_page_4.jpg
Wireless World Apr 1913, Page 1.tbn_gb_wirless_2_wireless_world_apr_1913_page_1.jpg
Wireless World Apr 1, 1922, Page 1tbn_gb_wirless_3_wireless_world_apr_1_1922_page_1.jpg
Wireless World Jul 8, 1932, Page 1tbn_gb_wirless_2_wireless_world_jul_8_1932_page_1.jpg
Wireless World Oct 1983, Page 1.tbn_gb_wirless_3_wireless_world_oct_1983_page_1.jpg


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