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History of the manufacturer  

Teleste; Turku

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Name: Teleste; Turku    (FIN)  
Abbreviation: teleste
Products: Model types

Teleste Corporation
Seponkatu 1, FI-20101 Turku 


Antenna amplifiers and antenna networks, CATV systems, audio amplifiers and speakers for 70 volt distributed audio. Today broadband video and data communication systems. 


Founded: 1954

Antenna amplifiers:

  • tube amplifiers (about 1960-1966)
  • first transistor amplifiers (1964...1969)
  • TRV series: transistorixed, better shielding, UHF channel converters (1969...).
  • Model SMA with microprocessor control (1980's)
  • Satellite receivers and CATV systems 1980...

Audio systems:

  • tube amplifiers until 1968,
  • transistor amplifiers until 1990's. 

This manufacturer was suggested by Jouko Laukkanen.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
FIN  64 TPV-20W EF86  Audio amplifier for distributed sound. 2 microphone inputs (transformer balanced, 200 ohms... 
FIN  85 VSP623   Loudspeaker for 100V audio distribution systems with built-in matching transformer. Speak... 
FIN  63 TKR10/1-110V ECC85  Selenium rectifier 250 B 125 
FIN  75 Antenna Amplifier MLK500   Mini-series Antenna amplifier. Frequency bands: LF MF VHF 2 antenna inpu... 
FIN  67 Antenna Amplifier TRU-40   Transistorized FM amplifier, 87-108 MHz.  
FIN  67 Antenna Amplifier TRV-xxyy   Transistorized antenna amplifier module for Teleste TRV series antenna amplifier system. V... 
FIN  67 Power supply V-10   Regulated power supply for Teleste TRV antenna amplifiers. 24VDC (negative), 1 A 
FIN  69 Power Adapter TVS-24K BD124  Power supply adapter for installing TRV series modules into older Teleste tube antenna amp... 
FIN  80–95 TV Modulator SAT321   Television modulator for VHF band III. Inputs: Video (BNC, 75 ohms, 1V), audio (BNC, u... 
FIN  64 Antenna amplifier TU-40 E188CC  FM band antenna amplifier module. 60 ohm input, 2 x 80 ohm distribution network. To be mou... 
FIN  80 Loudspeaker VSP168   Loudspeaker for distributed audio system. 70 V distribution network. volume control ... 
FIN  69 UHFChannel Converter Truk 22/10   UHF channel converter for Teleste TRV series antenna amplifiers. Chrystal controlled local... 


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Teleste antenna amplifier modules for FM and TV/VHF band. 29060's vintagetbn_teleste_antenna_ampliifier_modules.jpg