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History of the manufacturer  

UCAR, Union Carbide (UCC); New York (NY), Chicago (IL)

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Name: UCAR, Union Carbide (UCC); New York (NY), Chicago (IL)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: ucar
Products: Others

UCAR was a brand of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation.

See also Eveready, the main battery brand of UCC at the time.

The brand was predominantly used in Europe. Today (2013) it is most likely owned by Energizer, as the battery division was split off UCC in the 1980s.

UCAR was originally registered as a trade mark for graphite electrodes and contacting pins thereof in 1969 [USPTO serial 72309315] in the USA.
In 1974, UCAR was registered as a trade mark in Germany [DPMA, German Patent and Trademark Office, DE923001].
A modernized logo was registered in 1976 [USPTO serial 73075486].

This manufacturer was suggested by Werner Wussow.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  60 Batterie No. 412 IEC 15F20   Der Plus- und Minuspol sind jeweils an der Stirnseite und mit rot und schwarz gekennzei... 
USA  70 Super Life   Flachbatterie für Transistorgeräte 4,5 Volt 
USA  ? Professional - Alkaline Energy-Cell - 9V 522 - IEC6LF22 - 9V   Swiss made. 
USA  95 Wonder Super Plus 4.5 V Battery 3R12    
USA  60 UCAR Super 15V No. 504 IEC 10F 15   15 volt battery with external contacts 


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USPTO serial 72309315tbn_usa_ucar_trademark2.jpg
DPMA, German Patent and Trademark Office, DE923001tbn_usa_ucar_trademark1.jpg
USPTO serial 73075486tbn_usa_ucar_trademark3.jpg