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History of the manufacturer  

Television and Radio Laboratories Pty Ltd., (Radiovision); Melbourne

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Name: Television and Radio Laboratories Pty Ltd., (Radiovision); Melbourne    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: television
Products: Model types

Television and Radio Laboratories Pty Ltd., (Radiovision)
Their workshop was located near the corner of Albert and St Kilda Roads in South Melbourne, and a city business office was located at 94 Queen Street.

Company formed in Melbourne on the 23 September 1927 by Donald Macdonald and R V Hanna.

The company produced Australia’s first facsimile machines for the transmission & reception of pictures.

Founded: 1927

On the 3 September 1929, Gilbert Miles and Donald McDonald transmitted a weather map of Australia as a facsimile picture from 3DB and 3UZ in Melbourne.

At the time the company thought that facsimile had more economic potential than the less mature television transmissions of the time.

By September 1930 the Great Depression had placed the company under financial strain and in October 1930 the company was publically listed as Radiovision Pty Ltd.

At this time they launched an official regular public broadcast of ‘still” news pictures. To receive these pictures a listener would have to purchase a £6 kit and build the receiver which connected to the radio in place of the speaker. As most of the pictures were in the newspapers already this did not prove viable and the company concentrated on broadcast radio set manufacture. During 1931 when the Cathode Ray Tube became available the company concluded that electronic television would supersede mechanical scanning. At this time Gilbert Gill left the company and Howard Kingsley Love took over the radio business.

Macdonald and Love made a final attempt to launch a television company in September 1932 and merged with Maguire Television Pty Ltd to form Teleradio Construction Pty Ltd at Radiovision’s address Margaret Street, Richmond Victoria. In 1933 A working model was produced but the effort went no further.

This manufacturer was suggested by Gary Cowans.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  29–32 Radio Facsimile Receiver   Similar to the Fultograph facsimile receiver. This was the first commercial picture rec... 
AUS  33 7 Valve Battery Superhet   Advertised in the Sunday Times for £32/10/- 
AUS  31 Electrette   Crystal receiver including a 1 valve amplifier for headphone use. AC and DC powered ver... 
AUS  31 Radiovision Superhetrodyne   AC powered, dual band, 5 valve plus rectifier superhet receiver with RF stage. Advertis... 


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