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History of the manufacturer  

Price’s Radio Service; Sydney, NSW

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Name: Price’s Radio Service; Sydney, NSW    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: prices
Products: Model types Others

Price’s Radio Service
220 Oxford Street, Woollahra NSW (1925-1927)
“Wingello House” Angel Place, Sydney, NSW (1927-1961)

Price’s Radio was a specialist supplier to the radio amateur market. Price marketed at lower than retail prices and competitors complained and the company was duly black-listed by wholesalers. He overcame this problem by ordering parts through another company at a different address.

Founded: 1925
Closed: 1963

Price’s Radio Service Station was founded by Aub Price and operated from 220 Oxford Street. In August 1927 the company moved to Wingello House, Angel Place, Sydney and the name changed to Price’s Radio Service.

In 1927 Philips Valves took Price to court about their pricing policy and won the case. He then advertised as — “Owing to recent legal action, we cannot retail Mullard or Phillips Valves, Amplion Speakers, or Ferranti transformers below fixed price, but we are giving a 6 per cent discount on all goods purchased with these lines”.

Allan Faison joined the company in 1928 as Radio Mechanic and salesman. Price sold the business in January 1935 to Daniel McIntyre. McIntyre was interested in technical models and introduced this line into the company selling both radio, model planes, trains and stationary model steam engines. After WW2 the company sold surplus military electronic equipment. In September 1961 the lease on Angel Place expired and McIntyre moved to his house and ran the company as a mail order business until he died in 1963.

This manufacturer was suggested by Gary Cowans.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  26 Five Valve Neutrodyne 201A  Five Valve Neutrodyne advertsied in 1926 for Aus£25/- complete with Amplion AR28 spea... 
AUS  33 Golden Five 5V TRF E455_UY  The price was for chassis and valves.  With speaker, the price was £10/17/6.&nbs... 
AUS  33 TRF Five Sylvanette 57  Advertised as a chassis only with an Amplion or Jensen dynamic speaker. 
AUS  33 Super 6 58  Advertised as a chassis with an Amplion or Jensen dynamic speaker. 
AUS  33 WW Standard Seven 58  Advertised as a chassis with an Amplion or Jensen dynamic speaker. 
AUS  33 Midget 5 Sylvanette 55  Advertised as a chassis with a Jensen midget dynamic speaker. 
AUS  33 Super 5 Sylvanette 59  Advertised as a chassis with an Amplion or Jensen dynamic speaker. 
AUS  33 The Sylvan 2A7  Available with a preselector for  £28/10/- or without for  £26/10/-. Advertised... 


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1925 advertisement for radio parts. From The Sun (NSW) 2-9-1925 Page 11.tbn_aus_prices_ad_the_sun_nsw_2_9_1925_p11.jpg
Advertisement showing store location, Wingello House. From The Sun (NSW) 10-1-1928 Page 3.tbn_aus_prices_ad_the_sun_nsw_10_1_1928_p3.jpg
Advertisement for radio parts and statement saying no discount on Philips and Mullard valves. From The Sun (NSW) 6-12-1927 Page 7.tbn_aus_prices_no_disc_the_sun_nsw_6_12_27_p7.jpg
Advert for radio parts 1949. Radio & Hobbies March 1949. page 94.tbn_aus_prices_ad_1949.jpg
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