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History of the manufacturer  

Wireless Weekly Magazine, Sydney

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Name: Wireless Weekly Magazine, Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: wirelesswe
Products: Model types

Wireless Weekly started as an amateurs' magazine, it gradually became a broadcast listener’s journal and with the start of commercial broadcasting in 1923, it featured information about commercial stations and programs.

Over the duration of the magazine they published many how-to-build projects for the home radio enthusiast to construct both in the magazine and a supplementary booklet, The Superheterodyne Book, 1932-33.

The projects are listed here as Models.

Founded: 1922
Closed: 1939

This manufacturer was suggested by Gary Cowans.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  38 Little Jim 6A6  The Little Jim was a regenerative receiver project designed by John Moyle and published in... 
AUS  33 One valve Receiver 210RC_Cossor  A simple one valve TRF regenerative radio. 
AUS  38 Stereoscopic 8 6U7G  TRF receiver designed by John Moyle and presented in Wireless Weekly Magazine, November 19... 
AUS  38 Stereoscopic 9 6K7  Dual Wave radiogram with separate tuner and amplifier chassis. Designed by John Moyle a... 
AUS  32 8 Valve "Class B" 234  An 8 valve, Class “B” Superhet using a Kriesler coil kit. 
AUS  38 Little Jim [Battery] 19  The Little Jim Battery was a battery version of the Little Jim regenerative receiver proje... 
AUS  33 1933 Standard Superhet 58  7 valve superhet kitset radio with RF stage and push-pull audio output. The IF frequenc... 
AUS  33 Auditorium 8 56  8 Valve, superheterodyne with RF stage and a powerful 20-Watt, push-pull audio output stag... 
AUS  26 Wireless Weekly Reflex 201A  The “Wireless Weekly” Reflex Full Loudspeaker Strength with One Valve “Wireless Weekly... 
AUS  27 Elstreflex Two UX201A  The "Elstreflex Two”,  Wireless Weekly’s version of the British Radio Engineer, John S... 
AUS  34 Champion Standard Superhetrodyne 58  Following on the success of the 1933 Standard Superhet A.G. Hull designed the Champion Sta... 
AUS  26 The Marco Four Valve Receiver UX201A  The Marco Four Valve Receiver The distance getting proclivities of the straight detecto... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Advertisement for the first edition of the Wireless weekly combined with an advert for Miss F.V. Wallace’s Wireless Shop., Evening News (NSW) Jul 29, 1922 Page 7tbn_aus_wirelesswe_evening_news_nsw_jul_29_1922_p7.jpg
Superhetrodyne book cover with constructional details for eight receivers. Produced by Wireless Weekly in 1932.tbn_aus_wirelesswe_superheterodyne_book_cover.jpg
The 22 November, 1922 edition featured a photo of Miss F.V. Wallace who was one of the founders of Wireless Weekly.tbn_aus_wirelesswe_1922_09_22_cover.jpg
1924 advert for the Wireless Weekly. Evening News 1924, Wireless Handbook, page 7.tbn_aus_wirelesswe_evening_news_1924_wireless_hb.jpg