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History of the manufacturer  

Eastern Trading Co. Ltd. (ETC); Sydney, NSW

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Name: Eastern Trading Co. Ltd. (ETC); Sydney, NSW    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: eastern
Products: Model types Others

Eastern Trading Co. Ltd. (Later ETC Industries)

  • Primrose Buildings, Suite 5/255a George St, Sydney.
  • Malcolm Buildings, Third Floor, 256a George St, Sydney.
  • Broughton House, 181 Clarence St, Sydney.
  • Aberdeen House, 204 Clarence St, Sydney.
  • 470 Elizabeth St, Sydney. (Factory)
  • Peacock House, 486 Bourke St, Melbourne. (Melbourne Branch)

Man. Director A.C. Millingen.


Wholesalers & Sole Distributors of Ken-Rad, Allen-Bradley, Hydra, Yaxley, Solar, E.T.C., Hickok & Mallory brands. Manufacturer under licence of Solar branded condensers & Yaxley branded potentiometers. Licenced by Ken-Rad (U.S) as the sole distributor of locally made, AWV sourced Ken-Rad valves.

Founded: 1910

Commenced business on 1/8/1910 as importers & indentors (agents).

Partners in the business: Lena, Stella & Yaetta Meyer, & Walter Ewart Jacob.

Went into voluntary liquidation & reconstructed in 1918. On account of expansion of business was reconstructed again some six years later in 1924.

E.T.C. entered the radio field with the Hydra Condenser agency. Later it acquired the Ken-Rad valve distribution for Australia, and then the Solar electrolytic condenser line came came under their banner. To this has now been added the Yaxley line of switches & volume controls, Allen-Bradley ohmeters, etc., and a large variety of other radio & electrical products.

With the introduction of a more stringent trade protection policy by the Federal Government, E.T.C. realised that, if they were going to remain in radio, they must go more into the local manufacturing field, rather than rely on importations.

Eastern Trading Co. changed its name to E.T.C. Industries on 20/12/1937.

In December 1942 E.T.C. Industries changed its name again to Tecnico Ltd., with Tecnico Electronics as a subsidiary, of which took over the manufacturing of Aristocrat radio receivers from E.S.M. Syme at the cessation of  WW2.


This manufacturer was suggested by Martin Kent.


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

First registered in 1910. Dun's gazette(NSW) Aug 8, 1910 Page 84tbn_aus_eastern_dun_s_gazette_nsw_aug_8_1910_page_84.png
Registered in 1918 as the Eastern Trading Co., Ltd. Daily Commercial News and Shipping List ( NSW) Jan 9 1919 Page 4tbn_aus_eastern_daily_commercial_news_and_shipping_list_nsw_jan_9_1919_page_4.jpg
The company was reconstructed in April 1924. Daily Commercial News and Shipping List ( NSW) Apr 16 1924 Page 12tbn_aus_eastern_daily_commercial_news_and_shipping_list_nsw_apr_16_1924_page_12.jpg
The company was appointed manufacturing licensee for Bendix Aviation Corporation – Eclipse & Scintilla Magneto Divisions in October 1940. The Sun (NSW) Oct 21,1940 Page 11.tbn_aus_eastern_the_sun_nsw_oct_21_1940_page_11.jpg
In November 1942, E.T.C. Industries changed its name again to Tecnico Ltd. The Herald Nov 14, 1942 Page 7tbn_aus_eastern_the_herald_nov_14_1942_page_7.jpg
Hydra Capacitor advert in 1931. Supplement to Wireless Weekly Aug 14, 1931, page 24.tbn_aus_eastern_supplement_to_wireless_weekly_aug_14_1931_page_24.jpg
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