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History of the manufacturer  

Brush Development Co.; Cleveland, Ohio

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Name: Brush Development Co.; Cleveland, Ohio    (USA)  
alternative name:
Brush Electronics
Abbreviation: brush
Products: Model types

1926 - Charles Brush sold the first piezo-electric featherweight stylus. Under the name "The Brush Development Company" piezo electric phonograph pickups and other things were manufactured. This shifts to different types of recorders and later Brush concentrates on magnetic tape recorders, called "Soundmirror". In the early 50ies the name "The Brush Development Company" has been changed to "Brush Electronics Company". The company stayed at the same address: 3405 Perkins Avenue, Cleveland 14, Ohio.

1926 - Charles Brush sold the first piezo-electric featherweight stylus.

1938 Semi J. Begun (born in Hungary) of C. Lorenz company leaves Germany to start a new career in the United States. Lorenz is then owned by US capital. In 1939 he takes a job at the Brush Development Company of Cleveland, Ohio. There Semi Begun has developed the Soundmirror steel tape recorder in early 1939 that would be used by the military.

But in Germany modern red oxide tape has been used in 1939. Bell / Western Electric stereo recordings LEF Independently, engineers in Germany, Japan and the U.S. discover and develop AC biasing for magnetic recording.

Brush Development Company's main business in 1943 was the production of piezo electric phonograph pickups, the least expensive and most widely used pickup of the late 1930's - besides other activity. During the war Brush works on a substitute for the stainlesss steel wire phonographs. Then Brush, Ampex, 3M (Tape material) and others work on tape recorders. The singer Bing Crosby and Mullin (Ampex) were the motors for tape recording in the USA.

During WW2 S.J. Begun develops steel tape and coated-paper tape recorders. Between 1942 and 1945 the company designs and successfully sells to the military various types of recorders utilizing plated media in the form of tapes, disks, and wire. At the End of war many Magnetophons of the German are taken to USA. German patent rights on the technology are seized by the U.S. Alien Property Custodian.

1946: Brush Development Corp. builds a semi-professional tape recorder as its Model BK-401 (BK401) Soundmirror. The Brush Development company introduces its Soundmirror paper tape recorder developed in 1939-40. The Shellmar company manufactured the paper magnetite tape in 1946 for the Brush Soundmirror tape recorder and also a 5-inch magnetic disk for the Brush Mail-A-Voice disk recorder that sold for only $40.
A Brush licensee, Amplifier Corporation of America, introduces the Magnephone tape recorder.

Between 1952 and 1954 according to SAMS Photofacts the company name "The Brush Development Company" has been changed to "Brush Electronics Company". The company stayed at the same address: 3405 Perkins Avenue, Cleveland 14, Ohio.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  48 Soundmirror BK 427B    
USA  46 Hushatone BA-303   Brush Hushatone BA-303 Speaker.  Impedance is 30,000 ohms at 1,000 cps. 
USA  47/48 Crystal Headphone A   This crystal headphone was produced by The Brush Development Co. Cleveland 14, Ohio, U.... 
USA  41 Crystal Headphones B   Light wight crystal headphones. Impedance over 25 kohms at 400 Hz.. Response from 60Hz ... 
USA  50 Hushatone BA-301    
USA  52 Lorgnette Receiver BA-200    
USA  39 Hush-A-Tone   Pillow-speaker. 
USA  39 Crystal Headphones A   Type "A". Response: 60 Hz to10000 Hz. Impedance over 50 kOhm at 400 Hz. At no... 
USA  51/52 Soundmirror BK-443UP 6J7  For this "Soundmirror" BK-443UP from Brush Development Co. you will find all 14 pages from... 
USA  47 unknown Wire Recorder 6SF5   
USA  38 Headset piezoelectric   Piezo Crystal Headphone. Impedance 100 kOhm at 1000 Hz. 
USA  48 Mail-A-Voice BK-502 6SL7GT  Schallaufzeichnungsgerät auf rotierenden beschichteten Scheiben. Kristallhörer für Aufnah... 


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