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History of the manufacturer  

Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.; Cleveland, OH

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Name: Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.; Cleveland, OH    (USA)  
alternative name:
Abbreviation: hickok
Products: Model types Others

The Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.
Atlanta, Georgia (1910)

The Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.
6536 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio (1913)
10514 Dupont Ave., Cleveland 8, Ohio (1914)

Hickok Incorporated (from 1995)
10514 Dupont Ave., Cleveland, OH 44108-1399 (2010)

Hickok Manufacturing Group (formerly Supreme Instruments)
1714 Carrolton Ave., Greenwood MS 38930-5818 (2010)

Founded: 1910

Robert D. Hickok entered the retail jewelry business in Greenville, Michigan, at the age of 18. In 1900 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was in charge of the watch department of the Charles W. Crankshaw Co. In 1910 he began the manufacture of electrical measuring instruments in a small building behind his home in Atlanta under the name of The Hickock Electrical Instrument Co.

In 1913 he moved the company to Cleveland, Ohio, and a year later bought a building from one of his customers for $15,000 (part of which were paid in meters) at the still current address. In 1915, Hickok was incorporated as an Ohio corporation.

The company entered the market of tube testers after WW1, offering a variety of testers, scopes and meters. From 1936 onwards, they also developed electrical aircraft instruments (notably the A.N. Universal type resistance thermometer).

By the end of the 1950s Hickok had manufactured approximately fifty different, highly specialized electronic testers. In the period after WWII, they continued operations in the testing and measurement market, as well as developing and manufacturing precision indicators and meters for aircraft, locomotive, and industrial applications.

In 1956, Hickok purchased Supreme Instruments Corp., which still manufactures a majority of Hickok products as a division of Hickok Inc.

By the mid 1960s, Hickok was active in six different market areas:

  • Commcercial Test Equipment
  • Laboratory and Industrial Test Equipment
  • Meters and Electrical Indicating Instruments
  • Systems Control Equipment
  • Government Contracts
  • Teaching Systems

In the 1970s they moved from the servicing market to focusing on measurement instrumentation for engineers and designers. In the following decade, they entered the market of automotive diagnostic systems.

As electrical instruments only played a minor role in the spectrum of products the company offered, the name was changed to Hickok Incorporated in 1995.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  65 Injecto Tracer 860    
USA  44 560 (SPL) KS-9237 83  Dyanmic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Military Version  (Moisture-Resistant) W... 
USA  61 Electronic Multimeter AN/USM-116 6923  The Hickok AN/USM-116 is a vacuum tube meter made for the US military.  Ranges are as... 
USA  50 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Professional Tube Tester and Anal 538A 83  Similar to Hickok 536, but with VOM. 
USA  60 Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter 457   DC volts: 3, 15, 60, 150, 600, 1200 AC volts: 3, 15, 60, 150, 600, 1200 DC ma.: 0.0... 
USA  47 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Multi-Tester 546 83  Tube tester with 9 sockets, and Volts / Ohms / Mils / Capacity meter. 
USA  50 Signal Generator 170 X 6K7  Crystal controlled signal generator.  AF and RF, adjustable in 6 bands, or crystal... 
USA  60 Universal Adapter CA-5   6 socket extension for Hickok tube testers. 
USA  39 TS-50 Tester   Vibrator and Universal speaker tester, meter equipped. Meter is connected to special wi... 
USA  54 Oscillograph 640AF 12AU7  Single channel Service Oscilloscope with 5" round CRT 5ABP1. The AF of this special mod... 
USA  39 Signal Generator 17 (Seventeen) 6J7  Covers 100 kc. to 30 mc. in 6 ranges. 
USA  64 Dynamic Beta Transistor Tester 870 6X4  The Hickok Model 870, DYNAMIC BETA TRANSISTOR TESTER, is designed to test all small, me... 


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