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History of the manufacturer  

Apex Electric, Pool; Chicago; US Radio & Television Corp.; Marion; (US Radio&Refrigeration)

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Name: Apex Electric, Pool; Chicago; US Radio & Television Corp.; Marion; (US Radio&Refrigeration)    (USA)  
alternative name:
Apex Electric Mfg. || Case Electric || Melrose || United States Radio & T
Brand: Argyle || Carlton || Gloritone || Mantola || Microdyne || Radiotrope || Technidyne
Abbreviation: apexelectr
Products: Model types

Pool for Apex Electric, Chicago; United States Radio & Television Corporation; Marion, Indiana (~1930).
- Trade names Apex, Argyle, Carlton, Case, Gloritone, Mantola, Melrose, Radiotrope.
"US Radio & Refrigeration" is an error found in Stein: "M-a-c-h-i-n-e  A-g-e  to  J-e-t  A-g-e" (EE: with - for avoiding to be in search result), Vol.2, p.308/309. The Index in Vol.1 is correct.

In the November 1925 edition of The Radio Trade Directory on page 121, under the listing for manufacturers of Knockdown kit sets, the Apex Electric Manufacturing Company was located at 1410 West 59th Street in Chicago, Illinois


U.S. Radio & Television Corp.; - Trade names Apex, Argyle, Carlton, Case, Gloritone, Mantola, Melrose, Radiotrope - was merged to "General Household Utilities Company in late 1933: In the September 1933 issue of "Radio Retailing" the merger is announced on page 32: "U.S. Radio and Television" and "Grunow Corporation of Chicago" have merged to "General Household Utilities Company". This according to the president of the new company, William C. Grunow. Mr. Coit is chairman of the board, vice-presidents are H.C. Bonfig and A.C. Winnan. J.P. Rogers is treasurer and R.R. Trimarco secretary.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  31/32 Apex 32-B Ch= 32 224  US Radio & Television Corp used the chassis Apex 32 for a mantel radio (table radio) as 32... 
USA  32 Apex 70 58   
USA  32–36 Apex 70-LT 58  (Prospekt, wirklich bis 1936?) 
USA  30/31 Gloritone 26 24  [3331420-553] 
USA  31/32 Apex 7-B 235  [3331451B] 
USA  32 Apex 19 58  80 
USA  32/33 Apex 24 Ch= 400 57  Variante mit 110-220V bekannt, wahrscheinlich aus CH. 
USA  32/33 Apex 400 57   
USA  32 Apex 3072 58  Stein erroneously calls this model 3092 ("Cathedral & Tombstone Radios"). 
USA  32 Apex 500 57   
USA  32 Apex 8 235   
USA  31 Apex 10-A 235  Tuning meter. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Firmen-Logo: Apex USA um 1929tbn_usa_apex_1929_firmenlogo.jpg
Radio Broadcast, Nov. 1925, p. 68tbn_usa_apex.jpg
August 1926 McGraw-Hill Radio Trade Directory page 110tbn_usa_apex_advert_aug1926mcgrawhill_tradecat_page110.jpg
October 1925 Apex Electric brochuretbn_usa_apex_brochure_superfive.jpg
October 1925 Apex Electric advertising brochuretbn_usa_apex_brochure_oct1925.jpg
October 1925 Apex Electric advertising brochuretbn_usa_apex_brochure_console_oct1925.jpg
October 1925 Apex Electric advertising brochuretbn_usa_apex_brochure_speakers_oct1925.jpg
Radio Broadcast, Dec. 1925, p. 229tbn_usa_apex~~1.jpg