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History of the manufacturer  

Unknown - CUSTOM BUILT: China

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Name: Unknown - CUSTOM BUILT: China    (PRC)  
Abbreviation: unknownprc
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Unknown manufacturer from China.

  • Imperial China (- 1912),
  • Republic of China (1912 - 1949), or
  • People's Republic of China (1949 -)

Please do not mix up with Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC) or Honk Kong (HK)!


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
PRC  75 Solar Sport Radio   Die angegebene Dimension entspricht der Dimension des Hutes 
PRC  75 Toblerone   UKW 88 - 108 MHz 
PRC  99 Dreieck    
PRC  95 Kodak Gold 200   Werbe-Radio, in zylindrischer Form einer Foto-Filmpatrone (24x36) von KODAK, Aufschrift: "... 
PRC  97 Milk   With IC Circuit "Toshiba" Es ist ein Milchtüten-Radio 200ml. 
PRC  85 Nuts   Dieses ist ein Nuts-Radio so wie Mars oder Snickers, also eine Schokoladenriegel- Attrappe. 
PRC  70 139A   Chinese Military HF receiver, developed in late 60's. Frequency ranges: 1.5-3.6 MHz, 3.6-... 
PRC  79 Multiband 6000   MW, LW, 3× SW (1,9-22 MHz), FM (88-108 MHz). LCD clock timer. Multiband 6000; Tuning/batt... 
PRC  95 RT1   1 IC. Das Gerät empfängt nur Langwelle. 
PRC  97 R 6110   AM-FM Radio receiver. This radio looks very similar to a popular Nokia mobile phone. 
PRC  60 Huodong Kuangshi Crystal Detector   Crystal detector only with cat whisker and glas tube, also readable as "Huodonq Kuangshi" 
PRC  50 7512 6BA6  Receiver covers 1,5 MHz to 25 MHz in 5 ranges, headphone or line AF output, uses in fact c... 


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