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History of the manufacturer  

Andrea Radio Corp.; Long Island (NY)

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Name: Andrea Radio Corp.; Long Island (NY)    (USA)  
alternative name:
Brand: Deresnadyne
Abbreviation: andrea

Andrea Radio Corporation, 27-01 Bridge Plaza North, Long Island City, New York.

1944 address: 48-20 48th Av., Woodside, L.I.

Not to be confused with FADA = F.A.D.Andrea, Inc., see FADA.

Founded: 1934
Andrea Radio Corporation was begun by Frank D´Andrea in 1934 after the sale of his previous radio company FADA = F.A.D.Andrea,Inc.

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  36 55 6A7   
USA  38 10E8 Ch= PE8S 6K7  BC (600-1500 kHz) band with six pushbutton station selectors, SW (2.0-6.0 MHz) and SW2 (8.... 
USA  34/35 1A7 (1-A-7) Ch= A7L 6D6  The Andrea models 1A7 and 3A7 (or 2A7) employ the export chassis type A7L with two Short W... 
USA  35 1B6 B6L 6A7   
USA  35 2B6 Ch= B6L   6A7  Two triple-circuit IF filters. 
USA  34/35 3A7 3-A-7 Ch= A7L 6D6  The Andrea Models 1A7 and 3A7 feature the A7L chassis . This is a chassis for export becau... 
USA  35 3B6 B6L 6A7   
USA  36 4B6 B6S 6A7   
USA  35 B6S 6A7  Chassis for modles ANDREA 2B6 and 4B6. For details see these models. 
USA  38 1E8 Ch= PE8L 6K7  LW (150-400 kHz), BC (600-1500 kHZ), SW1 (2.0-6.0 MHz) and SW2 (8.0-21.5 MHz) bands. Six p... 
USA  35 B6L 6A7  Chassis for models ANDREA 1B6 and 3B6. For details see these models. 
USA  37 10D10 10-D-10 Ch=D10S 6K7G   


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eBay item number:321685716835 1939 Andrea Radio advertisement showing the 1-F-5 as well as the KT-E-5tbn_usa_andrea_radio_kt_e_5_ad.jpg