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History of the manufacturer  

Leibovic, A.; Riga, LV

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Name: Leibovic, A.; Riga, LV    (LV)  
Abbreviation: leibovic

A. Leibovic (not Leibovics); Kr. Barona iela 2, Riga: Private company. About 1933 this company produced also a model Kosmos M33 and Kosmofons, very similar to Lumophon with tubes E446, E447 and E443H plus rectifier. In 1940 it was named Radiopionieris - for a short time. In 1940 it was nationalized and incorporated to Radiotechnika. During 1929 and 1940 they produced at least about 30 radio models - which are listed in the site

Founded: 1928
Closed: 1940
Production: 1929 - 1940

This manufacturer was suggested by Gabriel Toth.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
LV  37 Uzvaras supers 37 AK2   
LV  39/40 TM653/2 ECH11   
LV  37/38 Dzintars 37/38 EF6   
LV  35 Eiropafons 35 E446   
LV  39 TM132 EF12   
LV  38 Prezident EK2   
LV  32 Kosmos M33 RENS1264  This is most probably a Lumophon 23W (W23), built and sold in Riga by Leibovics as Kosmos ... 
LV  32 Kosmofons RENS1264  This is most probably a Lumophon WD23, built and sold in Riga by Leibovics as Kosmofons. T... 
LV  29/30 AL P    
LV  39/40 TM653 ECH3  Two tube variants: ECH3, EBF2, EL3, EM4, AZ1 or ECH11, EBF11, EL11, EM4, AZ11 
LV  31–33 Rigafons B409  Based on the "Grawor Elite" cabinet speaker a radio chassis was added, to get a complete r... 
LV  39 Dziedonis KF4   


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