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History of the manufacturer  

CAV: C.A. Vandervell & Co. Ltd.; London

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Name: CAV: C.A. Vandervell & Co. Ltd.; London    (GB)  
alternative name:
C.A. Vandervell & Co. Ltd.; Acton || C.A.Vandervell & Co.
Abbreviation: cav

Info Jeremy Stevens, Prestolite Electric Ltd. (ex CAV:
The company C.A. Vandervell & Co. Ltd. in Acton (West London) was founded by Charles Anthony Vandervell (CAV) in 1892 and moved to Warple Way, Acton London W3 in 1904. It's brand name was CAV (and others). In 1926 the company merged with Joseph Lucas and Rotax.

In 1932 the association with Robert Bosch was formed. I am not sure when Bosch took over Ideal but it must have been during the early 1930s about the time CAV became involved. This partnership was, of course, terminated abruptly in 1939. The company later became the name Prestolite Electric Ltd and is moving out of Acton (West London) in 2005.

Mr. Vandervell was a true entrepreneur and was involved with all sorts of money making projects. Before the Blue-Spot radio British designed radios were made under the CAV and CAV-Rotax brands. We have found two of these "Baby Grand" TRF receivers - see photographs. Both sets are now saved (Leon Crampin). Only the drawings for the W400 still exist. CAV also made loudspeakers. See the attached photo taken in the factory.

From about 1935 onwards CAV concentrated on its core business of commercial vehicle equipment, diesel fuel injection, starters, generators and switchgear.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  26 Tom Tit (Tomtit)   The official name of the Loudspeaker is "Tom Tit" (after the bird). The picture with the T... 
GB  27/28 Baby Grand 4-valve PM3  Mahogany or oak cabinet; CAV "Musicola" cone loudspeaker built into the cabinet. 
GB  27 CAV Portable   Grid-leak detector, two transformer-coupled LF valves. Wave range 200-500 and 1000-2000 me... 
GB  27 Baby Grand [Five-valve]   With hinged frame aerial. Two HF valves apriodically coupled by chokes. The two LF stages ... 
GB  27 Musicola Cone Loudspeaker    
GB  27 Baby Grand [Four-valve]   Tuned HF valve, grid-leak detector, resistance-capacity-coupled LF valve, transformer-coup... 
GB  27 Baby Grand [Three-valve]   Grid-leak detector, resistance-capacity-coupled LF valve, transformer-coupled LF valve. Wa... 
GB  24 Allison Junior   Horn speaker Allison Junior. Impedance: 2000 Ω 


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Courtesy Jeremy Stevens, Prestolite Electric Ltd.tbn_cav_tomtitloudspeaker.jpg
Publicità del 1925.tbn_48.jpg
"La Radio Per Tutti" 1925.tbn_145.jpg