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Telestar, Helsinki

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Name: Telestar, Helsinki    (FIN)  
Abbreviation: telestar
Products: Model types Others Tube wholesaler

(Trademark) Manufacturer Telefunken GmbH, marketing only in Finland Sähköliikkeiden Oy, Helsinki

Production: 1952 -
Dopo la Seconda Guerra Mondiale, tutte le valvole prodotte dalla Telefunken tedesca che venivano vendute in Finlandia venivano marchiate TELESTAR. La Finlandia era infatti una dei Paesi usciti sconfitti dalla guerra, e tutte le proprietà detenute dalle aziende tedesche durante la guerra vennero trasferite sotto la proprietà delle potenze Alleate - ovvero, per la Finlandia, l'Unione Sovietica. All'inizio del 1955 il nome Telefunken è stato riconsegnato (venduto) ai proprietari tedeschi e ha sostituito in poco tempo il marchio Telestar. Le valvole Telestar sono state importate in quantità considerevoli sia per la produzione di nuove radio, che (anche tipi più vecchi) per il mercato dei ricambi. Molte radio prodotte in Finlandia nel periodo 1950-54 montavano in origine set di valvole marchiate Telestar.
Telefunkenröhren, als Telestar gelabelt.

This manufacturer was suggested by Lasse Nirhamo.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
FIN  55/56 Concertino 56 ECC85  Lizenzbau in Finnland, weitgehend identisch Telefunken Concertino 6 
FIN  53 Adagio ECC81  Two loudspeaker: perm.-dyn 17 cm combined with a piezo tweeter. Telefunken license ... 
FIN  56/57 Concertino 57 ECC85  Telefunken license production from Telestar for the Finnish market. Dial is marked in Germ... 
FIN  53 Superheterodyne 883WU ~ [Export] EF85  Telestar Superheterodyne 883 WU~ is an export model of the German Telefunken 883 WU. 


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Telestar, Helsinki
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Telestar trade name in Finland
Ake Nyholm

Telestar trade name used in Finland 1951-1956

In September 1944 Finland and Soviet Union ended up to intermediate peace agreement (WW II) (truce agreement). The agreement also included that German owned property in Finland, which had some direct or indirect connections to war operations here, had to be surrendered to Soviet Union.
There were about 35 companies, which this affected, and German AEG daughter company Sähkö Osakeyhtiö A.E.G., in Helsinki was one of those. Telefunken was included, because it was own group in Finnish AEG. Telefunken trade name was registered to Finnish AEG

In 1950 Finnish company Sähköliikkeiden Oy (SLOY) and (West) German AEG made a distributor agreement for Finland and co-operation began. At the same time similar agreement was made with  Telefunken Drahtlose Telegraphie m.p.H., Hannover.

Telefunken Trade name was registered in Finland by Sähkö Osakeyhtiö A.E.G (look at point 1.) and this company belonged to Soviet Union as told above. So Telefunken G.m.b.H. could not use their own “Telefunken trade name” in Finland.  New trade name TELESTAR was adapted for business, which happened via SLOY sales channels. Telestar in Finland was just a tradename, which was used for West Telefunken products during the time frame 1950 -1956 (1957).

(Additional information: see appendix)


Franz Harder

Herzlichen Dank an Ake Nyholm für den hervorragenden und interessanten Bericht, der ohne seine umfangreichen Recherchen nicht möglich gewesen wäre.

Da hier auch die Firma Telefunken beteiligt ist, ist diese Geschichte für uns nicht weniger interessant. Daher gibt es auch eine Übersetzung in die deutsche Sprache.

Gruß F.H.

Telestar, Helsinki
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