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History of the manufacturer  

Frunze Radio Works, Gorky, now Nizhnij Novgorod

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Name: Frunze Radio Works, Gorky, now Nizhnij Novgorod    (SU)  
Abbreviation: frunze
Products: Model types Others

Producible many military and special devices. As security Radio Works in USSR, this manufakturer had special adress: "Post Box B-8201 (V-8201)".

Founded: 1938

Founded in 1938 on basis of CMIRL - " Central military-industrial radio laboratory - ЦВИРЛ - "Центральная военно - индустриальная радио лаборатория", later "Experimental factory N°326 n. M.V. Frunze at National Comissary of Aviation Industry" - Опытный завод N°326 им. М.В. Фрунзе НКАП - Народный комиссариат авиационной промышленности ".Since 1966 Factory V-8201, "Предприятие В-8201", since 1991 Nizhnyj Novgorod Factory n. M.V. Frunze - "Нижегородский завод им. М.В.Фрунзе". Address: 603600 г. Нижний Новгород, просп. Гагарина, 174. In 1990 Gorkij was renamed to Nizhnij Novgorod.

This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  45–78 Solovej (Soloway) US-9 {УС-9} 6К7  AM/CW receiver for airborne purposes. The prototype was the US radio BC-348N. Coverage 0,2... 
SU  50 Испытатель радиоламп ИЛ-12 Tube Tester IL-12 6Х6С   
SU  48 Standard signal generator GSS-6 - ГСС-6 6С5  AM signal generator 100 to 250000 kHz in eight ranges, 0,1 mV - 1 V output at 0.8, 8 and 4... 
SU  60 Tube Tester MILU-1 IL 1-3 / E641.02 6П1П  Tube tester - 197 tube types (from 1930-1960 Soviet Union) can be tested. 
SU  46 ZIF-2 {ЗИФ-2}    
SU  55 TubeTester IL-13 - ИЛ-13 5Ц4С   
SU  58/59 LC Meter IIEV-1 - ИИЕВ-1 6Н7С   


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